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  1. ... sry dabbed out last night... Thanks for the replys. And I ment the last thing on there I really do like the server, if I wasn't homeless I'd donate. Thankx to all coders/devs on the project. The last time I got this hooked on a ps was tjscape, so it's been a little while. Thanx again
  2. Okay I've been on here for a couple months now and I've started to notice a few odditys and have a few questions. 1. "Hidden" items?? Ok salve amulet-slay store, gro can and magic sec.-ave vote. Red eggs taken out of most spawns but Snape grass still spawns, boots of lightness are free in dung. I've looked (alot) and I can't find a list, or even a clue. Is there more??? 2. "Minigames" first why have all npcs/areas accessable when there not playable?? Along with collection guide, how are you supposed to get penence, angler outfit, castlewars crap, or farm outfit? Also I saw someone with wielded watering can he said he got from tithe, but after about hour of running circles I'm pretty confident that there's no way in!??!!? 3, again with the crap, lighthouse has books. How do you get pages, or any trails items ( god trimmed rune/hide sets), 3rd age, ranger boot/robin hood hat?? And last.. WTF IS WITH USELESS, UNUSABLE AREAS. This one... Don't know off it's funny, or agitating... 1. Zogres- can't get in BUT you can range them/telegraph drops .. but can't get to coffen for key. 2. Rec. balm pot/ but Kant find broodoo victim/buy cooked chompy, but can't hunt. Random stuff: +make plank/for what exactly?+bracelet of clay/ or not no sap bracelet.+unholy mold, lightning rod mould unusable.+dunge entrance/ hope you like walls. Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts. This in no way changes my view on the server. Great server/ A old Inf. Mud payer WEEDS
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