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  1. Adding to motherload mine is a good idea for sure +1
  2. Dragon pick is very easy to obtain from wildy. And the lack of activity makes getting one almost 0 risk. A big no no from me adding d pick defeats the purpose of the grind. Similar case with smouldering stone 2 items that shouldnt be introduced lightly. Also zammy spear should remain 300 credits bludgeon too. They are both 10m+ items that hold value
  3. waiting for tob is about as much fun as watching paint dry...... alot of players have been qutting daily due to lack of updates and the significant amount of time we as players have had to wait. would weekly progress updates really be to much to ask for ? theres not much to do at the moment things are very repetitive.. theres only so much godwars and raids 1 us pvmers can take ! kind regards mrclawz
  4. Also unable to login , app keeps closing rippp
  5. Unable to login since the Easter update a few minutes ago .. application keeps closing. -_- 

    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Both regular and mobile clients are back up and running 🙂

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