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  1. Happy birthday bro! 😘

    1. Christopher


      Oh wow my internet is so bad, my post lagged by a whole day wtf

  2. Great suggestion Unfortunately, like Hxrdcore said our data is currently not up to date and revision upgrade is a big task. That being said, I have spent a good amount of time doing the groundwork for it and made some decent progress. After getting latest OSRS client connecting to our server (this was a month ago) I started on writing up Forthos Dungeon and did the majority of it. However, there is still a lot of work and testing for revision upgrade that needs doing so this has been put on the side as Kris and I will be finishing up Theatre Of Blood before engaging in any big pieces of content (revision upgrade). Once we complete Theatre Of Blood, we'll decide where we go from there but the good news is Forthos Dungeon will definitely be coming in the future.
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