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  1. Hydra brings a TON of raw cash into the game through alchs.
  2. idk i kind of like these suggestions lol, except some items on the bh store. MA2 cape for obvious reasons (that's why it's optional) Staff of light because there are enough people in the game doing GWD that this doesn't need to be added. Arma hilt is unnecessary as well due to the same reason for the staff. adding the Brimmy shoes ends up de-valuing the boots which are already cheap enough. just not in supply because who the fuck takes drake tasks. I like the VLS idea though, make sure it's a 50m on drop xd
  3. Hey, good chance i'm not winning, but hey! If i do win, i'm selling this bond
  4. In-game username: 1actmining Medal(s): All the Work, Man's Best Friend, Donator, Game Junkie Proof for your Medal(s):
  5. Ingame name: 1actmining Time Zone: GMT -5 Team you apply for: filthy casual Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: n/a Past experience pvm/skilling: i mean, i've done 50 kc on raids 1, most bosses a few times. Do you Accept the rules?: Yeah
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