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  1. Quite the challenge lol, Good luck to everyone that participates!
  2. Kronik

    Donor Transfer

    Hello, When there is a free moment for you guys, I would like the $200 that is on my account "chinwiggles" to me put onto my main account "Kronik" Thank you.
  3. Welcome back Polo! Best of luck to you.
  4. Kronik


    Nice! Good luck 421E with the goal!
  5. Very nice man, moving along pretty well. Good luck with your adventure!
  6. Got some good events going, good luck everyone!
  7. KRONIK! Happy birthday amigo! If your forum age is right, you're getting old... 😉 

    Best wishes ❤️ 

    1. Kronik


      Let's not speak of that. Lol

  8. Username with donator: Kronik Username to transfer donator to: Fack Amount: $1000
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