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  1. Update: Current Top The Current Top page lets you take a look at the current sweatiest players in game! Because different people are playing at different Exp rates, I've decided to sort the players by: their Exp gained [divided by] their Exp rate. This basically sorts everyone as if they were playing at 1x, which allows you to compare the different Exp rates a little more fairly. There is one problem however, because 50x / 25x accounts train combat and non-combat skills at a different rate, their Total Exp rate would actually be somewhere in the middle, depending on how many combat skills they've been training in the time frame. Technically I could deal with this, though for the sake of simplicity on my end, I've decided against it. Just keep in mind that when looking at Total Exp gains and comparing all Exp rates, 50x / 25x accounts will be getting a slight advantage if they've been training combat skills. Other than bug fixes, this will probably be my last update for a while. Enjoy~
  2. Update: Graphs I've added graphs for XP and Levels to the track page. Should be pretty self-explanatory, but you can click on any of the skills at the top to view graphs for just that skill. There also may be a caching issue at the moment, so if any of the pages aren't loading correctly, or you don't see the graphs, try pressing "Ctrl+Shift+R" to clear the page cache and reload. Thanks for the kind words!
  3. Thank you! Currently working on adding some graphs. Sure, I can give a quick overview. The backend is written in Node.js and connects to the client with websockets. Once the socket is open, the client can request data from the Node server, which is then handled and passed back to the client. All data is stored in a MySQL database, and is fetched from the official Zenyte API, specifically these two endpoints: https://api.zenyte.com/user/info/vulpini https://api.zenyte.com/hiscores/user/vulpini The frontend is all just plain HTML/CSS/JS. If you want to know more about whats going on there, just open your browsers developer console and take a look.
  4. Zenyte Math Labs is a tool for tracking your accounts progress over time, and is inspired by Crystal Math Labs for OSRS. Preview: After adding your account, you will need to manually continue to update it. (This will not happen automatically) You can do so by clicking the "Click to Update" button on your page: I plan on adding more features in the future, and may also get a Domain at some point, so it's a little easier to find. If you find any replicatable bugs, please post them in this thread, along with any other feedback. Enjoy~
  5. Hey. Yesterday I was taking a look at this thread - https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/3196-tool-zenyte-hiscore-signature-generator I see that Runeman makes multiple references to an official Zenyte API, that he's using to pull the stats for his signatures. I took a look around, but couldn't find this API documented anywhere, so I have a couple questions: 1. Is this API public? (if it is, a link to some docs would be great) 2. If it's not public, what do you have to do to request permission to access it? I'd like to create something similar to crystalmathlabs.com, but for Zenyte. I see that a few other people in that same thread were also interested in something like this. Here's a prototype of what I've got so far, filled with some dummy data.
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