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  1. Yes, each month you boost you will receive another 30 days of perks. I will come up with something for those who were boosters prior to the update.
  2. Hello again everyone! Hope 2022 has been treating you well so far! Today isn't a big update, but it will cover some important changes as well as introduce Server Booster perks which will be explained in more detail. Booster Perks Booster Perks are in-game perks similar to donator perks that will reward players that help boost the server by either being a Discord Server Booster, or voting for the server for 7 days. Every unique day that you vote will add to a counter, and on the 7th day of voting you will automatically earn 7 days of Booster Perks along with the booster privilege (adds an icon next to your name in yell). You do NOT need to vote on 7 consecutive days, they just have to be 7 different days total and you are able to miss days without the counter resetting. If you boost the server by becoming a Discord Server Booster, you will be given 30 days of booster perks along with the booster privilege. Reminder: When voting, you must log in to claim your votes for that day to count on your vote counter towards your perks. If you do not claim the votes on that day after voting it will not be able to count towards the boost. Booster perks are available to ironmen as they are in the same category as Donator Perks The booster perks will change approximately every 30 days, eventually becoming a rotation so that the offered perks don't get stale over time. The current perks for the month are: Thieving: Decrease chance to get caught while pickpocketing by 5%. Woodcutting: Decrease chance of a tree being felled by an action (excludes single action trees). Fishing: Gain a 5% chance to catch an extra fish while fishing with no extra xp. Slayer: Increase the chance at encountering a superior creature by 5%. Crafting: 5% chance to skip a tick while crafting certain items. (Works on: Battlestaves, Glassblowing, Leather crafting, molten glass, and spinning) Herbolore: 5% chance to make a 4-dose potion instead of a 3-dose one. Cooking: Slightly lower the chance to burn food while cooking. (Stacks with other cooking-related boosts such as hosidius ovens) Smithing: 5% chance to save a bar while Smithing. Runecraft: 5% chance to gain extra runes up to the amount crafted with no extra xp. Farming: 5% chance per harvest to gain an extra product. Agility: 5% chance to find an extra Mark of grace. Other Changes: Made Craw's Bow, Bow of Faerdinhen, Viggora's Chainmace, Thammaron's Sceptre, and all Rune Essence pouches become kept items as long as you don't die a PvP death. Fixed a typo with a broadcast for GWD toggles for events Added more crystal tree spawns around Tirannwyn Fixed an erroneous map change north of Zulandra Removed the Christmas Event Renamed Twisted graceful dye to Trailblazer graceful dye Added the ability to check your remaining perk boosts using the Book of Boosts which is obtained automatically when you obtain booster status. Added the ability for there to be up to 4 trivia winners per round instead of just 2. Added Tome of Experience to the Loyalty Shop for 250 loyalty points each. Each tome will grant 5 minutes of Personal Bonus Experience Doubled the base amount of loyalty points earned every 30 minutes from 10 to 20. Fixed a duplicate crystal tree spawn north of Tyrus Camp Cerberus will now be vulnerable to the effects of demonbane weapons Fixed a stall associated with the achievement diary cape animation Fixed the Wilderness Chaos Altar and Wilderness Resource Area teleport scrolls to be usable to unlock the corresponding teleports in the Zenyte Portal Added the ability to see your current vote counter when using the ::claim option after voting. The timer for unique daily votes resets at 00:00 server time
  3. Will tell you all you want to know.
  4. New Additions: Added the ability for Admin+ to be able to temporarily remove the killcount restriction for a specific Godwars dungeon boss room for event hosting Added a message to trivia winners that you actually get a reward from answering correctly. Made the temporary damage restriction lift for ironmen work as intended. The ironman in question will STILL have to do the most damage to the monster (during the time the restriction is lifted) to be able get a drop, however it will allow ironmen to participate in group bossing events and still have the chance to receive a drop as long as they dealt the most damage. This will allow us to continue previous server events as normal while allowing for ironman participation while still continuing to protect ironman integrity. The following items are now tracked correctly on the collection log: Evil chicken outfit from Evil chicken eggs God bird pets from Evil chicken eggs Added the Name Change Coupon, so that name changes can be added to the store properly. Changes: More Mystery Box Changes: Removed the following items from the drop table: (The last update did not remove these items from mystery boxes) Antipanties Easter egg Disk of Returning Half full jug of wine Pumpkin Easter ring Volcanic whip mix Frozen whip mix Barrows individual items have been removed and replaced with a chance to receive the full boxed set instead. The chance to get that set is 1/4 of what the odds were before to get 1 single item. Made the trivia questions server broadcasts so that everyone is able to see them as they appear instead of having to intently watch the chat box for it. The winners/question expiration will stay as filterable messages in case there are those who don't want the answers spoiled for them. The Bow of Faerdhinen will now break down in the event of a PvP death. The Bow will be converted to 10m coins, the blueprint, and an enhanced seed. The seed will be lost to your killer. This change is to bring the death mechanics more closely in line with OSRS. The craws bow will become un-activated once the bow drops below 1,000 charges. The bow must contain at least 1,000 charges to be re-activated. The bow can no longer be used in an un-activated state. Removed quite a few obstacles from the Tirannwn to make traversal easier. The Slayer Helmet now counts as a crystal helm for the Crystal Armor set effect. The bonuses from single pieces DO NOT stack individually, however, so the bonuses still require a full set be worn. The raids rewards max point roll values have been reset back to their original values. The new hard cap for total points in a raid has been set to 1,048,575 (this is the maximum allowed value) The new hard cap for personal points in a raid has also been set to 1,048,575; however, it will display "Lots!" after you surpass 131,071 individual points. The only time team points will now cap is if you reach the maximum 1,048,575 total points. The Xeric's Wisdom has been buffed once again! The reward cap nerf didn't have it's intended effect and has been reverted as previously stated. The new point boosts are as follows (Increase of 20% across the board): No donator rank- 45% Sapphire - 47% Emerald - 50% Ruby - 53% Diamond - 56% Dragonstone - 60% Onyx - 65% Zenyte - 70% The amount of buckets of sand you get for depositing a piece of sandstone has been doubled. new amounts are as follows: 1kg = 2 buckets of sand 2kg = 4 buckets of sand 5kg = 8 buckets of sand 10kg = 16 buckets of sand The following items are now tradable: Task skip scroll Recharging orb Xeric's Wisdom A config option has been added to the cannonball plugin to allow players to manually select their donator rank in order to show the correct cannonball amount. Changing this to higher than your in-game rank will not allow you to hold more cannonballs than possible, as it is only visual. Bug Fixes: Fixed a typo with "Holy elixir" in the server trivia questions. Fixed an incorrect answer with a trivia question regarding cutting onyx Fixed a typo with the 'Check' message regarding Nest Boxes. Fixed a bug that allowed you to crush crystal shards with no free inventory slots, and previously caused you to lose the resulting crystal dust. Fixed a bug that allowed you to use the craw's bow without having enough charges. Fixed players receiving the incorrect quantity when receiving a PvP drop that is a thrown weapon. You can now use the clay ovens in the Hosidius kitchen to cook food, and will provide an extra reduced chance to burn food. You are now be able to clear Spirit Trees from farming patches. Using the charge orb spell now correctly takes 3 ticks instead of 5. This will result in shorter time between charging as originally intended.
  5. Of course! I wasn't trying to steal all of the credit, so I hope I didn't come off that way! I was only trying to convey information from a strictly development side of things, and not necessarily other things as a whole. I very much love and appreciate all of our staff members and the hard work they all put in on a daily basis. But yeah, Zenytian family will grow stronger than ever this year, and I'm thrilled to be able to be on this journey with you.
  6. I know some of you might not read the whole thing, but if you do, it'll be worth it as there is some very important and exciting information contained within this novella. I had made a very hard decision to cut back on working on ToB last month and to start pushing out other updates in order to bring the game to a more "fresh-feeling" state. There were (and still are) some people that felt that ToB had been abandoned or forgotten about, based on earlier promises. I hear you, I should have been more transparent with my plan. I fell short of that expectation while trying to make sure that everything was on track as projected, and for that I'm truly sorry. During the previous months before my arrival, Gepan worked extremely hard to be able to maintain the game and add in new content, but development is not his forté. However once I started to break into developing for Zenyte, Gepan and I were able to bring lots of exciting content within a short period of time, and he has learned so much in that time and I'm extremely proud of him. Now that we've accomplished so much and have reached a comfortable level of fun and refreshing content for those that don't exactly enjoy PvM activities like ToB, I can finally put Tob as our main focus. (On a side note: Our QA Testers will become a vital asset for the month of January, as the beta world will be continuously updated with each new ToB update to test as we chip away the final pieces to our masterpiece.) "So what's after ToB", you might ask? Construction. Yes, that illusive skill that nobody has been able to train since the beginning. As soon as ToB is released, development focus will be immediately switching to Construction. "How do we know you'll keep your promise this time?" All I can say is that I will let the beta updates and screenshots from our testers speak for themselves and allow you to make that decision. "Okay, but what's in store for 2022?" Well I'm glad you asked! We will be starting out the new year with another game update, the contents of that update can be found here: On or before January 8th, you'll be seeing one last pre-ToB game update, which will be the addition of Server Booster boosts (akin to Donator perks, but for server boosters and streak voters) as well as a few more bug fixes and content changes. Don't fret, though! If you want to be part of the action, make sure you sign up to be a QA tester and help test ToB in the meantime! After the release of ToB I will release another post detailing our plans moving forward with Construction, as well as the fabled Revision Update. In closing, there's been a lot of love (and a lot of hate unfortunately), but soon Zenyte will acend back to it's former glory, despite the hurdles we have all faced along the way and the plague of non-believers that try to bring us down. For those of you that have stuck around and waited patiently during times of uncertainty, I see you, thank you. Everyone's patience will soon be rewarded as we start 2022 off with a bang! May 2022 be the best and most exciting year yet for Zenyte. I'm super excited to watch our loyal players reap the benefit of their continued patience, while we strive to work towards perfection. In order to move forward, we can't have our heads turned towards the past. May 2022 be the best year for each and every one of you Zenytians! With love, Grant
  7. I won't be updating this as much so that I can focus on getting ToB finished. ToB will be the main focus of development for the month of January with other projects being put aside until it is finished.
  8. Locking thread to keep people from leaking their name choices before they're able to change their name! Go to #server-suggestions on our Discord to vote on the name change poll if you haven't already.
  9. Hello everyone! I have some exciting news! After the last series of tests regarding name changes, the Zenyte team would like to let you know that name changes can be made possible by doing it as an account progress transfer. What does that even mean? In laymen's terms, we would require you to have another account that has the name you want. We would then delete the progress on that account and then place the player's progress onto the account that was just deleted. I have written up a scenario to help you better understand the process below. You would now have an account with the name Nerd, with the progress that you had on Nerd1 before the name change. FAQ How do I start the process of getting my name changed? Head on over to https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/244-name-change-applications/ and read the pinned topic before posting your name change request! When can I get my name changed? We will start accepting applications for name changes tomorrow at 8PM GMT. At that time, a new thread will be created to facilitate name change requests. How much does it cost? THIS SECTION HAS BEEN UPDATED SINCE THE TOPIC WAS POSTED The name changes have been added to the store for 600 credits. We were trying to make it only cost 300 credits but also remove $30 donator total, however since a donator transfer is required for name changes it makes the removal of donator total pointless. What names are acceptable? Any name on an account that you own will be accepted without question unless the name violates our game rules. If you want a name that is taken by an abandoned account, there will be an extra $10 fee (Equivalent to a $10 bond) to archive the abandoned account's progress in order to allow that player to be able to restore their progress on a new account name if they choose to return. Name changes on abandoned accounts are still undergoing a poll and may not be available based on the results. Please go to #server-suggestions in our Discord at https://discord.gg/zenyte in order to cast your vote! There are certain restrictions placed on accounts with names that are already taken and any applications that request an already taken name will have to go through a couple of other qualifying steps. Reasons for denial include but are not limited to: too recent of a time since the player last logging in (not long enough to be considered abandoned), or an inappropriate name.
  11. also objective, but i appreciate the compliment
  12. This is a rather objective question This is a bit ambiguous and asks for 2 different answers which might confuse people.
  13. Thread is locked so I can go over all entries and tally up for rewards. If you posted an unusable question I will get in contact with you so that you may provide an alternative if you wish to do so.
  14. LOL you're totally right. Brain fart on my part. Good catch, I'll fix it
  15. Loving all of the suggestions, thanks guys! I'll add a couple of my own Question: what cooking level do you need to cook sharks? Answer: 80 Question: What race of monster is General Graardoor? Answer: Ourg Question: What is the name of the person that sells various skilling tools at home? Answer: Jackie
  16. Please post your suggestions for trivia questions/answers here! They need to be related to Zenyte or RuneScape in some way! The answer needs to be accurate AND verifiable! You are allowed to have multiple answers for the question, however please make sure that all answers are as short as possible! For instance, a proper trivia question would be: "What is the name of the town where Zenyte's home is located?" Acceptable answers would be: "Edgeville" or just "Edge" Please make sure you use the following format: If you do not follow the format, your suggestion will be deleted!
  17. I will look into ways for UIMs to be better able to keep pets and make them retrievable in the future. No, the cost is still the same. The only thing that has changed is the amount of charges a full piece of armor will start with. It will not affect any currently partially-degraded pieces.
  18. Hello everyone, just another quick update for some various fixes! There were issues with the Golden Partyhat update that caused some stuff in the game to become temporarily corrupted due to test code left in by Matt (It's okay, we still love you!), however since I have to update the server again for the emergency fixes below, I figured I might as well bring you guys a few other various fixes as well to make it worth your time. What was the update last night about? Fixed an issue with certain areas like the blast furnace and mithril bar smelting due to an error made by test code that wasn't removed Weapons that are charged with Revenant Ether will now become uncharged and the ether will go to your killer upon death. Changed the value of PvP armor to 150k GP when doing calculations for items lost on death. This change will make other items worth more than 150k be protected over PvP armor. This can change based on further feedback. Changed the value of the Salve Amulet I to it's original value when doing calculations for items lost on death. It was previously valued at 220k GP which could have cost players to lose otherwise more valuable items. What's today's update about? Fixed another issue with certain doors that was also caused by left-in test code You can no longer cast heal-other outside of Olm's Chamber on a player that is inside of the Chamber. Increased the maximum amount of charges on enhanced crystal armour (Helm, chest, and legs) from 2000 to 4000. This should make your armour last twice as long before needing to be recharged. Any current enhanced crystal armour that is not completely full may change to 50% due to this change. You should not lose any charges from the change. Fixed Vanguard's combat stats to be inline with OSRS (raised hp to 180, and lowered defense. also adjusted stats of melee Vanguard which were incorrect) Removed every 50m XP milestone broadcasts for Combat skills for 50x players. You will still get broadcasts for all other skills including Prayer as well as reaching 99. There will be discussions about what other changes can be made to make broadcasts better for everyone. Fixed a typo with the 200m XP broadcast You will now receive a global broadcast if you receive a pet and it is sent to your bank due to lack of space and inventory. The killcount for Glough's Experiments (KC for Demonic + Tortured gorillas combined) will now show correctly in the collection log.
  19. Also, for option 3, we will make it so that ironmen have to show the shop owner a gree-gree first before being able to purchase them freely from the shop.
  20. The other solution to crystal armor degradation would just to simply make them degrade slower.
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