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  1. So after some deliberation, I would like to repoll this with the proposal that we take out the vote store way to get them and instead add them to wildy slayer, OR add them as a wilderness slayer drop along with both shops to complement the ability to earn them without being time gated
  2. So your suggestion would be the same as @Coreywith 20 credits for 3 / 3 vote points for 3 (1 vp ea) That does seem reasonable, and would avoid any confusion when purchasing them in the vote store.
  3. That'd limit their availability to 6 per day (not including donator boost), as compared to 9 per day if you were to do 2 vote points for 3. The polled availability is double that, at 18 per 24-hour period.
  4. So 20 credits for 3 and 2 vote points for 3?
  5. Slayer skip scrolls poll - Please DO NOT post a reply unless you have chosen answer 3. If you chose answer 3, please explain what you think the costs should be.
  6. Hello everyone! Below is a list of changes for this update: - Added the ability to talk to the Shayzien Infiltrator outside of the underground Shamen area who can tell you your shaman killcount. - Added the ability to fight each tier of Shayzien soldier for pieces of their armour. You must obtain all pieces of the previous tier before fighting the next tier Soldier. The Tier 5 armor is used to fight Lizardman Shamans. - The extra purple naval shirt in the loyalty shop has been replaced with the missing grey tricorn hat. - Fixed the Slayer ring teleport options - Fixed ashes drops on certain demons that were missed. - Removed the entry fee for Corporeal Beast instances
  7. October 2021 - Halloween Extension Halloween Pet Mystery Box We will be releasing a pet mystery box that will be directed toward the month of October and Halloween! You will have the ability to collect a a handful of pets for a limited time! We are aiming for a total of 10 with the initial release bringing in 6! If you are able to collect all 10 pets you will be provided a unique item by the Server Management! The Pet Mystery Box will be available in the donator store for a limited time! We have also decided to make them a tradeable item! Halloween Masks Halloween Masks will be available for purchase with credits from today until October 31st however we will only be selling a limited amount if you are interested in buying one please contact @Itzcnote100 and negotiate a price based upon the current stock. Halloween Outfits & Items (Former Events) If you are interested in a specific item or item(s) from a past Halloween Event on Zenyte then please send @Gepana message on the forums or in discord to discuss this. You may be able to purchase these items with credits, event points, or vote points! Theatre of Blood The release for the Theatre of Blood is projected to be around the 1st of November 2021 or during that first week if not sooner! We are making progress and have been deep into the QA side of things on all of the phases besides the final boss. We are looking forward to this adventure and are as excited as you are! Other changes: - The twisted slayer helm can now be created correctly - Noted Crystal keys will now stay in one stack in your inventory - Ashes can now be unnoted at the Elder Mage at the Chaos Altar - Fixed vial of blood drops for Vyrewatches - Dragonstone+ Donators can now use the ::home command to teleport home. This is not interrupted by combat and works up to 20 wilderness.
  8. Development Update October 12, 2021 Changes: - Fixes to death mechanics and party system. - Added correct respawn locations upon dying inside of a raid - Fixed boss targeting. You will now only be targeted if you are alive and in the arena. Certain party-scaling mechanics will still apply even if your full party isn't targetable - Added the start to Verzik's room (it's currently mostly empty) to finish room progression within ToB. Current List (In order of implementation): 1.) Finish Verzik (phase 1, 2, and 3) 2.) Add rewards room 3.) Add rewards system 4.) Add supply chests during the raid 5.) Bug fixes 6.) Final Testing 7.) Full Release I will continue to update this list as I continue to finish everything up. However, note that after step 1 is complete, progression will be much quicker for the final 6 steps.
  9. Dev update October 9, 2021 - Fixed death mechanics (dying will no longer null the person from the party), and will correctly wipe all players to the lobby. - Practice mode is enabled by default, but can still be turned off by using the command ::tobpractice - You will now stay in your party after a team-wipe, or teleporting out with the crystal. - 1st phase maiden now has the correct combat stats and will deal accurate damage. - Maiden, bloat, nylo, and xarpus will no longer attack players that are alive but not in the combat area. I am currently implementing this fix for sotetseg. This update will be pushed to beta as soon as I finish the combat area parameters.
  10. Sounds cool! You have a price list?
  11. Dev update October 6, 2021 (6/10/21 for the other guys) - Started on Verzik's 1st phase (Had to put @Gepan in there, of course)
  12. Thanks! Right now there's a bug with death mechanics where a variable isn't saving correctly so when the player logs out, they get hit with a death penalty regardless if the raid was practice or not. As soon as that is found and fixed I will be pushing it so that we can get it into beta. Fixed the practice bug. Just adding some finishing stuff. Keep in mind, logging out during a ToB raid will count as a death! If you dc/logout in a party size > 1 you will attempt to be rejoined with your party but will be spectating until that wave is complete. If you are in solo, all logouts/DC will count as a wipe. There are a few other last minute things I need to do like writing the list of things that need testing for QA, as well as some possible commands to make testing easier. But other than that, phase 1 is about ready to go.
  13. Dev update 10/2/2021 - Finished death mechanics - Added temporary practice mode for testing
  14. I guess that can only mean that phase 1 will be hitting beta shortly
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