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  1. Looks good mostly. D pick is over kill. Yes I agree skillers should be able to buy. But if you as a normal player or a main acc, can't get a d pick there's a issue.... I got one from almost all wildy bosses in under 100kc... But skillers don't have the potential to kill these bosses to get it. And can't pay player price cause they can't trade. D pick +1 for skillers. But things like sharks mantas and brews and that type of stuff does it actually sell? Not one time did I wanna buy 250 sharks for irl money basically.. it only take a hour to get 250+... Idk there's things that need to go. Things that need to be worked on and things that could be added. But idc cause I only buy m boxes with my donations
  2. None of that seems that great tbh.. imo. Maybe try working on things that need to be finished.
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