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  1. 5x Fe


    Agree with red area, revs boost and runite ore ideas. Everything else sounds way too OP. Battle mages' drop rates displayed on the drop viewer should be fixed though.
  2. 5x Fe

    Ironman Visage

    Deserved considered the battle mage ordeal!
  3. Thank you brother. It's a really useful tool for dead hcims considering their current stats don't show up on hiscores.
  4. You went for the head and got the visage, congrats man.
  5. Nice brother I just saw you doing a few runs, didn't know you were UIM.
  6. Method #1: Stone Chests Method #2: Eclectics in Puro-Puro Method #3: Fally Guards Efficient med clue solving setup What to expect from 300 medium clues
  7. Last day of zulrah (1 onyx, 2 crystal seeds, 4 spirit seeds) Because today I got the damn magical tooth Idk why but it feels like I always get the drop I'm looking for when I'm not paying attention at all.
  8. Rares: https://gyazo.com/4b1669f5ea8bc5d09a4ec3f3f7472e54 Alchables and supplies (18m pc): https://gyazo.com/d53470365b212c8740125c6fd6c2ab84 https://gyazo.com/95aa226032ff766398c15ca18b11a5ec Ensouled heads (1.8m xp for 5x aprox): https://gyazo.com/a7444165c1ef65c160465f8c46710d60 Also got around 6m bounty hunter points from wildy slayer. Sorry for gyazo links idk how to display pics here
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