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  1. I could write for hours about this. I did law running to make money too. It was a great source of income when you were a low level member.
  2. Still yeah, I hope consctruction gets here soon and Castle Wars gets active too. Thanks, least we can do. Haha, you can't imagine the messages I received.
  3. Hello, Actually I'm playing already for 5 months and maxed out on all skills recently. I made the promise to donate money after maxing since I enjoyed the server and I did. Ingame my name is Cokeslut. In real life my name is Thorbas. Before any of you filthy nolife nerds keep wanking off ingame (I had some real filthy PMs ingame ROFL), I'm the malest dude out there with a dick and balls between my legs. Sorry for shattering your dreams and receiving your GP for some dirty trash talk. Anyway, I'm based in Belgium for all of my life. I'm rebuilding a house right now but due to Covid-19 everything is a bit on a pause. My hobbies are car and automotive related. Had a heavy car accident where I rolled my car 3 times and have some permanent damage. I always drove old Volvo 5-cylinder turbos and also worked and tuned those cars. Normally to attend cars and coffees, meets and do some drag/street racing. But recently I've been preparing my car (1997 Volvo C70 T5) for the track and I've went a few weekends to the Nürburgring with it. Totally modified and runs 315bhp/440nm right now. Amazing car to drive in. I'm also active in the 4x4 world. Had a few Suzuki Samurais and now I have a Nissan Patrol Y60 with a BMW diesel engine conversion. Did most of the work myself and the car has around 500-600 hours of work in it already. I try to attend a lot of 4x4 events in the BeNeLux. I've also have been to the Sahara desert and toured a 2 weeks in North Africa. My Sahara trip this year is cancelled because of Covid-19. I started playing Runescape in 2002 or 2003. I remember when the game wasn't all about the skilling but about the community. I made a lot of friends there. Had my schedule where I did skilling in week, castle wars and wildy pvp at weekends. It was some sort of a second life for me. And I did my monthly payment for my membership with Wallie prepaid creditcards haha. Man I was so happy when my mother finally gave money to go buy one of those cards. The first moment I acquired my dragon longsword/scimitar felt legendary. OSRS gave me so many good memories and takes me out of this real life full of responsibilites. Anyway, my OSRS career ended because of a few appeals and bans. I did some swearing, shared my E-mail address and a lot of scamming. I think the scamming came mostly because I was sick of the endless grind and RS was being overtaken by bots. Not nice to start scamming people I know but that was just how things went because we did it with few people all together. Don't worry, I didn't scam any people on Zenyte and I'm now planning on doing it. Peace out and I hope I can meet and play with most of you ingame. Be safe too with Covid-19. I felt like doing a little more on my intro/hello since we are a small community.
  4. What is this gambling game all about? You pay money and plant flowers towards eachother?? I don't get it for real. I don't even have 30mil in bank and wouldn't want to give 1 mil away of it lol. And you trade 900+ mil? I had No Luck Dave on my friend's list but didn't know he was that rich.
  5. Yeah, sure needs to have good rewards but hard to obtain. Maybe fighter torso and stuff like that. Crystal seed, Dragon C'bow?.. On implementing rewards. My clan members and I were talking about it. I'm already maxed on every skill so it doesn't matter to me but adding combat skill experience as you would get in Pest Control. Wouldn't that be nice?
  6. Oh man amazing! Glad I donated a few days back already since I maxed all skills. That was the goal for me to donate. The server is amazing.
  7. Is there any consideration to implement Castle wars? Since there isn't a lot of PVP action besides overpowered clans controlling the wilderness? Castle wars was one of the minigames I liked the most on osrs. Is it possible to implement some castle wars event with some sort of ticket reward system to get rare or cool items? I really miss more pvp content on this server withouth losing all of my gear. It would be good for the economy too since people use way more arrows, runes, and other consumables. Give up your mind people.
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