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  1. The upgrade tokens would really only benefit ironmen and lower xp rate modes as getting this level gear isn't too difficult otherwise. And ironman restriction is likely to pass so would only really but for lower xp normals which I don't believe is worth the allocation of time to create. Not a huge fan of the custom rings. Having a ring with brimstone stats plus an extra bonus would essentially make it a new bis. The bonus of another combat specific ring compared to brimstone wouldn't be enough to choose over a chance at double drop.
  2. Just wanted to add what I've gotten as well. I've opened 1000 chests also and received 1 armor seed and 4 tool seeds. I've pretty much only been looking for 1 weapon seed to make blade and 1000 chests later, still grinding for it... Would be nice to see some changes to make grind bit better. On a 50/25x, seems like you can go 200m in mining, wcing and thieving before completing set of seeds especially if you get multiples of the wrong ones Update- actually at 1150 chests, 1 armor seed and 5 tool seeds now
  3. Jealous. Opened about 1000 chests also, got 1 armor seed and 4 tool seeds. Very nice supplies tho
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