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  1. I think this actually makes the most amount of sense. Would it just be a cosmetic change and still preserve the identical functionality as the max cape?
  2. I agree, we do need some unique benefits to actually sinking gold into your POH, since most of them are rendered near useless due to the conveniences of other existing features. Would it be too extreme to include a bank chest in the POH (with a high con requirement)? I was just thinking because if you teleport to your POH to use your pool, you'd likely teleport back to home to re-gear and teleport back to your task. If there was a bank chest it may justify using your POH for not only re-gearing but also improve prayer/cons/etc training in the POH too. Edit: I supposes there's the issue of making the server home feel less populated by encouraging people to use their POH instead.
  3. This song inspires me to wake up every morning and grind.
  4. Thanks for all the support guys. I think an update is overdue. Likely will offer the option to show xp instead of just the level on the hiscore signature. I'm thinking since most people are max and have 99's, it might be more useful to show the xp in the skill instead, probably rounded to the nearest whole number (i.e. 94m xp). Also I want to expand upon the compact adventurers log signature. Improve how it looks and allow you to filter specific things (i.e. only show drops and pets). Or even a simple one which just shows what pets you've gotten so far as well. Expect some new stuff soon I guess. P.S. Signatures are getting cached by the Zenyte webserver now... so they will take longer to update in your signature, but if you visit the link you will see that it shows the most recent version.
  5. This is a really cool event. Too bad I got the Rift Guardian pet before 99 RC, lol!
  6. Well said, I hope it was all a joke. The video is the best meme this server has.
  7. I've been wanting to make another signature that displays your most recent achievements from your achievement diary. I quickly whipped up a prototype: Ideally, I'll add icons for each type of achievement and make it look better overall. In the mean time, I've added the current functionality to the existing signature generator if you would like to use this.
  8. This feature already exists within the application (here) but I believe they decided to disable it. Cool addition, though we could likely use more critical fixes such as the hiscores being a mess.
  9. Apologies everyone. Took a little break and forgot to check in on the tool to make sure it was running smoothly. Obviously it went down at some point. I have fixed it so everyone can use it again.
  10. Thanks for the report. There was another bug that caused it to crash for a specific edge case (once again something with the Zenyte API). I've fixed it so it will no longer happen. When I made this I hadn't explored every possibility of what could go wrong within the tool and discovering these issues leads to better stability. From now on, whenever there are issues with one of the Zenyte APIs it will display this icon in-place of your signature: In other news, there is an API in the works for accessing adventurer's log related information (thanks @Corey), such as recently achieved 99s, 200m, diaries, loot drops, pets, etc. I'm thinking of creating two more types of signatures: one that shows the most recent achievements, and another that is the combination of the skill signature and the former.
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