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  1. Well done everyone! Sad to see Chaos leave, goodluck on your future endeavours sir!
  2. 1. There needs to be some sort of automated gambling, scam-free, etc. 2. Duel arena needs to be fixed. If the duel arena were functioning we wouldn't need an automated system for gambling.. but since gambling isn't regulated at all (relying on staff to MM) or being forced to record each gamble we are left with a bunch of players scamming each other. I don't see any of these things happening anytime soon..
  3. I 100% agree with this. That was common sense and many pkers use this terminology.. aka; I'm bad, kill me for free loot. This is absolutely absurd. The guy clearly said he was Dh risking, not "kill me for free loot".
  4. How ridiculous. Now I am being told to familiarize myself with all the rules of Zenyte because I disagree with the way you handled this situation? @Lucifer2207 " "I'm Drunk, Free Loot" Is a lure. No more. " How can someone be accused of something without there being evidence to back up the situation? He didn't lure anyone, he may have baited another pker to come fight him, but there was no lure. IF he attempts to lure, than warn him.. a better message could have been "Hey, that may be luring and we don't allow that in Help cc".. instead Lucifer goes straight to "You are a lurer". No discussion, no chance of defending himself, etc. How is that fair? I'm not looking for a debate thread but I do think this could have been DEESCULATED if the proper response to the situation was given, it's becoming a trend where I see "judge, jury and executioner" type of handling. If a player is breaking a rule give them a fair warning and do not instantly accuse someone of something. It's not hard to understand that. I also don't appreciate you being condescending with that [email protected] I know the rules. I also know how to be respectful to other players instead of accusing someone instantly of wrongdoing.
  5. I support the staff team in most regards, they do exceptionally well for our player to staff ratio with easily 100+ people per staff member when online. But, I will point out a trending flaw that I am noticing whether it be from their judgement or this is something enforced upon. In this situation a player simply said "Dh fighting at edge, I'm drunk.. I'm free l00t". He is given a warning that he is luring. [email protected] that it was not in fact a lure at all and that he just wants to find a Dh fight? He is instantly kicked from the clan chat. *edit* He was never kicked, but clearly something bothered him to reply the way he did. We are talking about a very minimal situation that didn't present any true danger at all. If he would have said "Dh fighting at edge" would he then still be considered luring..? It's not harmful to ask players to come Pk at edgeville while in the global clan chat. Use better judgement. Do not kick a player from the clan chat if they are questioning an accusation that is false.. bring it to their private PM and don't get other players siding with each other in the clan chat, it literally stirs up the problem and more get involved which turns players and staff against each other. I'm disappointed in what I've seen. @Lucifer2207 @Le Rolex
  6. GREAT little guide, straight to the point. I would also mention that Skotizo will always drop a Hard Clue.
  7. Sorry boys! I completely forgot I had made this same suggestion last year and it was implemented already, how foolish of me to not see this. This shows just how long I have been away.. If you want to enable this function you can find it inside the Game Noticeboard > Settings Tab > Examine Drop Viewer PLEASE close/lock this thread, thank you!
  8. I completely agree. I would never want to see Zenyte become that type of server where items are recoloured and outrageously overpowered, etc. Zenyte emulated OSRS as much as possible. But, I did try to follow the OSRS Lore as much as possible with good reasoning behind the suggestion. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. This suggestion should adhere to Zenyte quite nicely substituting a new piece of jewelry that resembles the Amulet of Glory except it's made from Zenyte. Something OSRS has never implemented was an amulet that uses teleports for Onyx + Zenyte Jewelry. This amulet would have the stats of a Fury and it's own unique teleports. Requirements to make the Amulet of Zenyte? 89 crafting What type of teleports will the Amulet of Zenyte provide? Teleport to Home, Teleport to Ape Atoll and lastly a teleport to Demonic Gorilla Cave Entrance How to obtain the Amulet of Eternal Zenyte? Players must bring an uncharged Amulet of Zenyte to the Fountain of Rune and charge it. Instead of the normal rate of 1 in 25,000 for Amulet of Eternal Glory.. it will be a 1 in 100 rate chance when recharging. Players will likely only be able to charge 1 amulet or a few at a time due to how rare they will be. The Amulet of Eternal Zenyte will have the exact same stats as a normal Amulet of Zenyte except with unlimited teleport charges. (THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE) - Alterations of the amulet can be made to be unique and not coincide with the already Amulet of Torture, etc. PROS: - New content (custom to Zenyte) - Wilderness activity may spike from trying to obtain this amulet - Amulet of Eternal Zenyte provides unlimited teleports, no need for Zenyte Teleport Tabs - There should be a risk factor once the Amulet of Eternal Zenyte is made, possibly skulling you once obtained? CONS: - Developer Time needed - Since Zenyte Amulet exists (pre-Amulet of Torture) there will need to be an "Amulet of Zenyte" added to the smithing interface.
  10. One time I was chopping some willows in Draynor and I couldn't believe who I saw, it was Chop! Without hesitation Chop began defending me against not 1, but 2 Dark Wizards! He kept performing the Dragon Axe special attack on the Dark Wizards even though I told him it didn't really help against them but that didn't stop him. He performed this brave deed until I finally achieved 99 woodcutting. Once I was done Chop began telling me the dangers of Draynor Village and how one day an old wizard hit him in the head with his saradomin staff and robbed him blind of his Blue Partyhat and ever since he has defended anyone in the Draynor Village vicinity.. a true Hero! I thanked him and went on my way, I'll never forget that day he saved my life.
  11. You may not know but Noele's Birthday is coming up on September 21st! If you want to leave a nice short message feel free to post it below or PM me in-game and I will add it to this card! Cheers!
  12. I still have the rubies and raw sharks, thanks again for the drop party and congratulations again!
  13. Good luck all. Has my vote due to it following the theme of Creativity! Well done.
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