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  1. Love the layout can't wait to see the progress! Good luck
  2. I made this price guide a while back, if anyone would like to use it as their own forum price guide please feel free to do so! This guide must be accurate and updated if you plan to make a Price Guide, you will need to just copy & paste below and plug in all of the appropriate prices and make a decent guide for the forums. Unfortunately I work too much to keep a Price Guide accurate so I would like this to be made eventually so that everyone has something nice to reference. The current Price Guide Here made [email protected] far too simple IMO and can look much better. I do hope he will reference this guide and use it! Just COPY & PASTE on a new guide thread to start plugging in prices. Please credit me if you plan on using this reference guide, thanks in advance. |PRICE GUIDE| USE keys "Ctrl + F" to quickly search the desired item ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armadyl Godsword (Ags) - Saradomin Godsword (Sgs) - Bandos Godsword (Bgs) - Zamorak Godsword (Zgs) - Armadyl Set - Bandos Set - Dragon Warhammer - Holy Elixir - Blessed Spirit Shield - Spectral Spirit Shield - Arcane Spirit Shield - Elysian Spirit Shield - Master Wand - Mage's Book - Imbued Heart - Wizard Boots - Toxic Staff of the Dead - Zamorakian Spear - Armadyl Crossbow - Saradomin's Light - Saradomin's Sword - Toxic Blowpipe - Magic Fang - Trident of the Seas - Kraken Tentacle - Serpentine Helm - Dragonfire Shield - Dragonfire Ward - Dragonbone Necklace - Zenyte Shard - Heavy Ballista - Light Ballista - Warrior Ring - Seers Ring - Berserker Ring - Archers Ring - Primordial Boots - Primordial Crystal - Dragon Boots - Pegasian Boots - Pegasian Crystal - Ranger Boots - Eternal Crystal/Boots - Eternal Crystal - Infinity Boots - Twisted Bow - Dragon Claws - Arcane Prayer Scroll - Dexterous Scroll - Dinh's Bulwark - Dragon Hunter Crossbow - Justiciar Set - Ancestral Set - Kodai Wand - Twisted Buckler - Twisted Buckler - Necklace of Anguish - Amulet of Torture - Tormented Bracelet - Ring of Suffering - Occult Necklace - Christmas Cracker - Blue Partyhat - Red Partyhat - White Partyhat - Yellow Partyhat - Green Partyhat - Purple Partyhat - Rainbow Partyhat - Black Partyhat - Black Santa Hat - Green H'ween Mask - Blue H'ween Mask - Red H'ween Mask - 3rd Age Melee Set - 3rd Age Mage Set - 3rd Age Range Set - 3rd Age Longsword - 3rd Age Wand - 3rd Age Bow - 3rd Age Cloak - Zulrah Scales - Superior Dragon Bones - Wyvern/Dragon Bones - Revenant Ether - Craw's Bow - Thammaron's Sceptre - Viggora's Chainmace - Malediction Ward - Odium Ward - Ancient Wyvern Shield - Dragon Crossbow - Dragon Metal Lump - Dragon Pickaxe - Dragon Harpoon - Dragon Axe - Dragon Full Helm - Dragon Sword - Dragon Thrownaxe - Amulet of Fury - Berserker Necklace - Ring of Wealth - Dharock's Set - Ahrim's Set- Guthan's Set - Karil's Set - Torag's Set - Verac's Set -
  3. Clearly you are very full of yourself Chance.. This thread was a simple request to have a rank for producing Art, not many can do it. Making it a 100% server contribution type rank is ludicrous, we could use competitions and more players willing to work toward their little signature shops. Thanks for your contributions but don't spoil something that boosts morale and forum growth due to your ego.. this is not R-S, it's a RSPS.
  4. The amount of "quotes" you are using is ridiculous. Please type as a normal human being and stop creating a debate where there is none. A GFX Rank has been used on almost every RSPS I have played in the last 10+years and I'm a GFX Designer myself, this is far from getting staff recognition.. you are lost.
  5. You lost me at "A Gfx artists strive should be through creation.." Yes there should be some type of rank forum-wise and yes there should be some type of SOTM tournament for those willing to produce art on our forums. Honestly if you aren't a GFX artist than you wouldn't understand the purpose behind having the rank or why there should be a rank to begin with.
  6. Good guide Harry!
  7. Monk

    Simply just pathetic

    Two years of development could of done 100x what that dogshit server has put out. Have you lost your mind? You wonder why you have been muted! We don't need toxic people here so it's best you leave, which I'm sure you'll regret when this is the only decent coded RSPS to date.. with an amazing team behind it. You are wrong about this being a donator+ run server where donations are the #1 goal.. It is farrrr from it. Bye.
  8. Awesome to see players coming from all branches of the internet, Reddit of all places is nice to see! Welcome to Zenyte!
  9. Old, but me on the very right.
  10. I've always been curious of player's usernames, especially iconic names like Zezima.. Monk: My first ever RS2 account was a low level defence pure and the BEST npc to attack was a Monk, I managed to stay with the same exact Monk from 1-65 defence, not many people know they are the best to attack for defence pures and they heal during combat. What does your name mean?
  11. Good video Nes, looking forward to seeing you there!
  12. Definitely the same Monk and thanks for the reply! I'll get into the discord where its a bit more lively. As for ending my RSPS days, I've pursued bigger and better things for sure lately! Good to see you here.
  13. 14hours no replies, interesting. Hopefully the forum activity sparks up.. I feel that's very important.
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