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  1. One time I was chopping some willows in Draynor and I couldn't believe who I saw, it was Chop! Without hesitation Chop began defending me against not 1, but 2 Dark Wizards! He kept performing the Dragon Axe special attack on the Dark Wizards even though I told him it didn't really help against them but that didn't stop him. He performed this brave deed until I finally achieved 99 woodcutting. Once I was done Chop began telling me the dangers of Draynor Village and how one day an old wizard hit him in the head with his saradomin staff and robbed him blind of his Blue Partyhat and ever since he has defended anyone in the Draynor Village vicinity.. a true Hero! I thanked him and went on my way, I'll never forget that day he saved my life.
  2. Welcome ya little twat!
  3. You may not know but Noele's Birthday is coming up on September 21st! If you want to leave a nice short message feel free to post it below or PM me in-game and I will add it to this card! Cheers!
  4. I still have the rubies and raw sharks, thanks again for the drop party and congratulations again!
  5. Good luck all. Has my vote due to it following the theme of Creativity! Well done.
  6. Well that's just it, you have compared another server to Zenyte. Zenyte's content is far different than most servers especially when it comes to the grind factor. You may not like running to certain areas of the game, that's just you playing too many RSPS's like the one you mentioned that have extremely accessible areas and functions. Zenyte has emulated OSRS so much that it almost feels like the real thing while also giving off a sense of accomplishment. Having a beacon set off when you get a rare drop inside the wilderness is a mistake, no surprise factor. If a pker wants to get rich they can camp that area. Why give a pker an advantage? This is the only server I have ran into that has a fully functioning up-to-date G.E that is overall properly coded. The recent update gave us more than we even needed in terms of buying & selling, truly it was a convenience for us all to now see Exchange Offers. One thing a TP will not do is leave a buying offer while being offline! That in itself is unique and we set apart from most servers by having this. I imagine once POH's are created through Con and we have Gilded Altars you will not need to use the upstairs altar. It's a temporary fix to not having Construction and I think it's perfect how it is currently. Remember, Zenyte isn't the average RSPS. As mentioned above, we have this already. Explore more and adapt to Zenyte's form of game-play before comparing to what everyone else is doing.
  7. Thank you both! Hopefully it gets added.
  8. Me personally I would rather see an option to buy "more chances of obtaining Kraken task" rather than your variant of just completely unlocking the slayer monster to farm for a drop, would devalue these items even if the price were 1k slayer points. Another option could be Slayer Cape when worn could boost your chances of obtaining the same slayer task even more so that when you complete that task you will have better odds of receiving the same one over again, similar to how the slayer cape functions on OSRS.
  9. As the title states this would be very convenient if there were a way to right click any NPC and it displays their drop tables, instead of having to type in the name of the NPC you are looking for. Example;
  10. Not sure where I confused you on my shop changes, it affects literally nothing. Currently: Modified: Showing the actual price of the item in yellow. When I mentioned give unlimited values of stock for certain items I am referring to items like this.. why does it only have 3-5 in stock for these certain items? No one is buying them in bulk and it looks awkward IMO. Just clean it up is all I am meaning.. Thanks for your feedback nonetheless!
  11. This is just a list of updates that could benefit Zenyte and make it a bit more enjoyable for most players. Slayer Ring rework - Currently most of the teleports to your Slayer Task do not actually put you close to your monster needed, it would be nice if it teleported you at their location rather than the entrance to their dungeons, etc. We already have a teleporter at home that does this and it devalues the Slayer Ring majorly. G.E newest update 9/18/19 - The buying/selling offers is fantastic, but it would be nice to see a proper listing. Currently it's listed from Latest Offer -> Most Recent Offer. I think it would be far better suited if it were listed as Lowest Offers -> Highest Price. This would give you the best deals first rather than having to scan through each price listing. Slayer Masters - Somehow make it more convenient to get to your masters. Shop Values - Inside most shops there is a yellow highlighted number above the items listed, this is referring to how many there are in stock. I think it would be beneficial if these numbers were actually their values instead of having to click the items to find their prices. The quantity of items could be unlimited for certain shops like the Vote Shop/Loyalty Shop, etc. More incentives to vote - Possibly implement XP Bonus lamps as a rare reward through voting. Xp lamps would give you let's say 120 minutes of a 25% increased XP rate, this would only affect real-time and once logged out your XP timer is on hold. XP Bonus lamps could be stackable. Secondaries for Herblore - We need some sort of shop that sells secondaries for an outrageous price. I would rather buy my secondaries with lots of cash than to farm them from Pvming. It's quite unrealistic for a server not to have some sort of shop, we aren't OSRS after all. More donator perks - With $200 donated already I don't feel the rank has many perks to it. Even at the highest $5000 donator rank I would feel discouraged with the current donator perks, I won't go into detail on what needs to change for our donation system as this is a touchy subject.. but I will say those that support the server should be treated with the best content in-game without it being too P2W. OSRS has membership for a reason with tons of content that F2P players have 0 access to. Server Advertisement Reward System - Having support from Youtubers and Streamers is a key aspect in drawing in a playerbase. It would be nice to see them being recognized for their efforts and possibly Zenyte could create their own future youtubers by players creating new content for Zenyte. Making content for Zenyte should feel rewarding. Zenyte/Market (Forums) - Currently the listed "sales" are for trades only. There are no timestamps of when the trades actually occurred, it's not very informative and needs to be updated to fit our growing economy. It's a nice aspect but it lacks fulfillment. Thanks for reading! Hopefully some of these are considered and implemented in the future. A lot of these suggestions are far from being priority but could be needed for future QoL Updates.
  12. I would suggest PvM content as it's always a plus. My other recommendation would be to focus on QoL type updates. We lack so much user-friendly content it's unreal, possibly I can make a suggestion thread shortly to express this. Thanks for the poll, it's needed for sure!
  13. Farcical, blanketing, cordial, frugal, frugalness.. It's incontrovertible of you to allude the intention of having an illimitable amount of autarky on our forums. Thus will lead to pandemonium if ever it were contrived the way you aspire. Good day. good sir!
  14. If this were done you would have players that didn't truly care about the Karma System abusing it, it's inevitable. A limit gives a person the need to choose wisely on who they wish to give pos/neg feedback to. There is no reason to open the flood gates.
  15. I spent a lot of time on this, glad it's going to good use here.
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