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  1. Goodluck with this goal/streams.
  2. Support on both, should be an easy fix.
  3. Most people on this server are pvmers. So far they're developing mostly pvm content and it seems that most of the pvm content is done. Who knows maybe they'll start focusing on pvp content more and you'll see Bounty Hunter some time soon...
  4. Another great update, keep them coming guys.
  5. The increased chance for donors could be a nice thing because they're donating so a slight increase wouldn't hurt too much since it's just barrows items.
  6. Same applies for me but then on 07. I have like 12 items in 300 chest and most of them are items that I don't really need and I got either duplicates or triplicates from them. Just keep grinding and eventually you'll get it.
  7. Goodluck with your goals, pretty nice achievement so far. Especially for an ironman.
  8. Yeah I see you adjusted everything I mentioned. It's looking more orgranised and cleaner now :).
  9. Big congratz dude, awesome achievement. Goodluck on your next goals!
  10. Great updates, keep them coming.
  11. Welcome to the server, I see you are a serious pvmer. I'm sure Zenyte is the right place for you.
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