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  1. F UCK YOU. piece of shit grief ragger pker
  2. By the awy downvotin all detractors and anti-supporters Keep trying to brigade the thread kid, see what happens You might have aspergers
  3. "ThErE ArE LiTeRaLlY No SuPpOrTeRs" ........... The silent minority..... just wait kid.... if they see this thread and come to it, all of u will be outnumbered easily.. it's sad that the minority is trying to brigade this thread... jst gtfo please
  4. just wait kid.. i had so many supporter last time i talk about this in clan chat... the yjust need to be able to see this thread and they will be here
  5. you literally just said that kid, you're spamming now.. triyng to detract fromt he topic to keep supportors out.. which si ssad... looks like another toxic pker griefer is camping this thread too. can u let other ppl speak kid???????
  6. DO NOT make this ad hominem... this is about Mage Arena 2 capes... Do NOT detract kid... Read my last reply:::: O N O S R S Y O U C A N R A N D O M L Y S W I T C H T O O N E O F H U N D R E D S O F D I F F E R E N T S E R V E R S I F Y O U N E E D T O A V O I D R A G G E R S W H I L E D O I N G M A G E A R E N A 2 ..................... I F Y O U W A N T T O B A L A N C E P V M E R S A N D P V P E R S M A K E A W A Y F O R U S T O I M B U E T H E F U C K I N G G O D C A P E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. O N O S R S Y O U C A N R A N D O M L Y S W I T C H T O O N E O F H U N D R E D S O F D I F F E R E N T S E R V E R S I F Y O U N E E D T O A V O I D R A G G E R S W H I L E D O I N G M A G E A R E N A 2 ..................... I F Y O U W A N T T O B A L A N C E P V M E R S A N D P V P E R S M A K E A W A Y F O R U S T O I M B U E T H E F U C K I N G G O D C A P E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Prettysure people do support this, just wait kid... i know this for sure cuz ppl have agreed with me in clan chat many time about this topic they just need to see it and i think ur trying to make it seem like it not importantnt but it is cuz there is ONLY ONE WORLD
  9. This is Hxrdcore's alt account, sadly.... please do not brigade this thread with alts... pretty sure that it is bannable kid you're extremely sad.. yea , just pay the toxic clans 100k per hour or quit the server, right???????????
  10. OK, but everyimt ei hear someone completed it, they said it's because they P A Y E D the PK griefer clan not to kill them (!!!!!!) that's insane!, normally, on osrs, you just randomly world hop if someone is camping MA2, but on here u cant hop!! so wtf do u suggest me to do??????? pay that toxic clan that told me to ""neck urself"" ?? no thanks Telling me that i have to pay them to complete MA2 is actively encouraging their toxicity and ragging. which is extremely sad. On OSRS these players would be permanenlty muted or banned
  11. So as most of you may know, the wild is constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, (Like literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) camped by a small group of players on this server to make sure no one else is able to do certain content or complete certain tasks. Namely, the most targeted ones being Revs and Mage Arena 2. I have tried waiting over 30 hours at one point for these players to leave wild, but they stay there, or cycle out every few hours with a different group to make sure that no one is able to complete Mage Arena 2. Now Revs, none of us would take up problem with that being camped. It's rightfully, best PKer content, right? I agree. You control the zone, you get the drops. But Mage Arena 2 is a completely different story. First of all, the ONLY way to get an imbued God cape, which is BEST IN SLOT for mage, is to do Mage Arena 2. You have to go to wild and kill multiple bosses in different parts of the wild. These groups will camp mage bank 24 hours a day and run to and from the common boss spawn locations to make sure you can't complete it. They tell you after ragging you "Just pay us kid" or else you will never be able to complete it. So, is it the official server admin's intended gameplay to PAY a toxic griefer ragger clan upwards of 100k per hour so you can get the cape? If so, even the admins are participating in this monapolization, which is extremely sad. Here are a few solutions to this gross problem: Add EXPENSIVE imbue-type item that we can use to imbue normal god cape to vote or loyalty stores. Add a RANDOM 1-hour-long safe time for Wild, that is dropped once a month (or at admin's discretion) Make Imbued God cape a Slayer reward that can be unlocked with slayer points Add ANOTHER WORLD OR TWO for players to hop to so they can avoid raggers Permanently BAN people that are actively trying to rag-camp content like Mage arena 2, because it is toxic and ruins other ppls play Now obviously you will probably NEVER make #5 or #4 a reality, but the first 3 suggestions are very reasonable and realistic. PLEASE consider doing this. I R E F U S E to pay a ragger camper griefer clan any money just so I can get best in slot mage content that should have already been available to anyone willing to fight the monsters.
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