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  1. Ingame name: "Forux" - Maxed on x25 rates Time Zone: GMT +8 Team you apply for: Pvm team/Casual Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: Past experience pvm/skilling: A few hundreds of zulrah KC, still learning cox atm (pretty confident as melee role). Maxed account on x25 rates Do you Accept the rules?: Yes
  2. It's the Ancient Wizard which appears when doing master clue scrolls
  3. It's the Gielinor Guide - the first NPC that players meet in the game
  4. It's the Character Customization feature where new player can begin customising their character upon account creation.
  5. The β€œYou are here” feature that shows player’s current location on the world map
  6. The focus icon that shows player's location on the world map
  7. It's the icon that shows you where you are on the world map
  8. It's Ancient Signet obainted after completing desert treasure by speaking to Eblis
  9. It's the Ancient Crozier that belongs to the ancient vestment set
  10. 2nd guess: Star Amulet - used to access Experiment Dungeon
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