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  1. 100000000% support, as a collector this is my shit, and as an ex maxed uim/working on a 5x uim this would be amazing
  2. piss cone is that you!?, welcome lol
  3. top notch post m8, i actually didn't know we had this plugin already this is what i was referring to in my previous comment.
  4. you fucked up on your own, i do agree that you should have the rl ability to toggle off the option ingame, but resetting xp absolutely not, that will ruin all unique accounts in the game.
  5. absolutely no support for this, as a 10 hp pure on the 5x/10x experience rates, this would make slayer easy, would take away alot of whats needed, dont wanna gain xp in something dont train it. an xp lock/xp reset this point in the game would ruin so many accounts. no support.
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