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  1. for hard clue step need any kind stole. 3 drop from medium and 3 from hard. as I see you cant get from medium somehow? only from hard clue rewards? and rates even rarer than getting ranger boots from medium ( just comparing).
  2. In-game username: Hardcorenoob Medal(s): Donator, Man's best friend, Game Junkie, MaxedProof for your Medal(s):
  3. I think Karil is a shy guy and don't want to share his armor
  4. always thought maybe start 5x but after reaching agility 99 on 25x maybe I should not start 5x and it's even in 50% boost week...
  5. yeahh... stupid my ass challenge zulrah for diary. I could retreat after doing not much dmg with ada cross bow and iban staff. took a rest today. thought I will not play from disappointment in myself. but I never took raids or more challenging task, so its was sooner or later I'm going to die. atleast as said living to my name tomorrow i will write some updates... edit: tooks some time to update and while afk doing did some cave horror. and after total 1022 kills got myself black mask
  6. yes. first focused on trees and fruit tree. now going to focus only on herbs for herblore
  7. almost my HC did end from cave horrors. half afk. but life ring did a thing
  8. Hello. Casual noob in osrs, best I could do was to slay barrows. So why not aim for the sky and get a twisted bow in this server. my gaming skills are same as my English (and drawing). so I hope improve them In time. (and clap those Zulrah's cheeks) Start date 12.12.2019. (50x/25x rates) Nick: Hardcorenoob (Ironman status (thanks to zulrah)) Current objective - Don't die. Max lvl and complete diaries. Updates - 16th day. Next couple days grinded slayer for that juicy kraken and jad tasks. (now have 4 fire capes). took extended kraken task since I really needed that trident so I could begin barrows. after 3rd task kraken and 400+ kills... and 20 old boots got my trident. But barrows were postponed since xp boost week has begun. So grinded those skills as there is no tomorrow. Hardest was of course agility. but after witcher 5 episodes and 3 beers finally did agility 99. As boring days go leveling skills. today decided only do barrows. In previous day already did 40 runs. got 5 separate items. was happy about it. Until today... after others 50 kills(30kc dry) got 2 verac's flail and second guthan's warspear. About to give but new torags platelegs lifted my spirit. And i'm glad for it. because couple kills after got dharok plate legs. After checking collection log realised i'm only one dharok's item from completing set for morty elite diary. And for my desired wish.... at 110 total kill... dharoks platebody. Finally can rest. with bad start and excellent finish ended barrows. Atleast for now since need mage and range armor top and bottom. It's 10pm. I can go to sleep.. or.. I can test my luck again? from completing all diaries i'm missing celastrus seed and dragon dart tips. Maybe try my luck with Konor to open chest. Gives kaplphite. fine with it since I need one kalphite kill for diary. kill it and cancel task. Turask task. At 5th kill got leaf blade sword. Take another - black dragons in kourend dungeon. didn't read but apparently it was brutal dragons didn't check info since was lazy and was hoping it will work as metal dragons. First kill. Dragon dart tips on ground. Checking drop list. Well I be damned. It can actually drop. I think Konor has eyes on me since wishing me best. Now all is left Celastrus seed. did Some Giant mole kills. with dharok set and falador radar was easy. Traded mole parts for Nest and from 27 nest(seed) got one dragonfruit. I think it has same chance as celastrus. It gave me hope. So for tomorrow going slaughter Mole like little pig. Previous Updates:
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