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  1. Looks some nice set of goals here, i will be checking in on it to see how you're progressing, Have fun on your grind
  2. Welcome to Zenyte, if you need any assistance drop me a message on discord / forums or pm me in game Hope you enjoys your grinds and your stay here.
  3. Thanks for the kind words and the feedback for the rest of the team K0
  4. Welcome Sommer, i’ve spoken with you a few times already, i hope you’re enjoying the server so far if you require and assistance drop me a message either on here, in game or on discord
  5. Nice to meet you Gergely, welcome to zenyte, i hope you have fun and enjoy the journey that is zenyte if you require any assistance drop me a line
  6. That message is to warn you about entering the wilderness, it’s not a bug that first tile or 2 is not in the wildy as it’s a safe area, this is the same in os, there is no bug from what i read
  7. Konar is there as only konar gives wyrms / hydra tasks, the rate on the keys is fine as it’s mainly supplies from the chest, with the odd chance for the dragon hasta. players are different some people prefer grinding it out just not as much as grinding osrs, and others don’t like the grind, but it’s impossible to please both parties so increasing ths drop rate on the chest would make it unenjoyable for the people that enjoy grinding.
  8. @Distraction you best not reapply in the next 2 weeks mate, didn’t expect to wake up to this really. Sucks that we’ve lost you, but i guess you have your reasons, good luck mate.
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