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  1. Can get 3rd age and rangers faster then hide can get a magic fang. Some nice rng there man!
  2. ahhh no 3rd age though? some spicey loot for the alpha male though. 200 hards next? 100 masters? 500 elites?
  3. Congratz to the winners. Thread will now be locked as the giveaway is finished.
  4. That's a pretty big goal to get 200m in every skill to 200m. Good Luck on your goals fella!
  5. 600 Mogs on a x50? what is this sorcery? 2.2k addy ore also did you mine all those? i doubt you did mlm as there'd be like 20k + coal. Nice progess keep it up.
  6. That’s unfortunate
  7. it's 100% slayer is the best skill on the game.
  8. Welcome Back Baka. Let's see how long it lasts eh
  9. Welcome back to Zenyte fella
  10. Congratz to the newly promoted! Sad to see jas go, thanks for the opportunity aswell !
  11. not 100% the point in this thread? It will be done when it's done, if we rush the devs there will be bugs, and some most likely game breaking, There are things in production at the moment that are taking priority. Best thing to do is to just wait.
  12. ConHamer

    banned lol?

    hi @Poudre you were banned for botting, this isn't the correct place, you need to make a thread at https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/20-appeals/ I will close this thread.
  13. Welcome to the team fellas, can't wait to work along side all of you. Ciao to the ones leaving us.
  14. Hi Alex, Welcome to Zenyte. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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