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  1. thatd be pog af also nice stats , lmao hide up there with 400 meds , been seeing him camping eclectics at puro all the time when i was there
  2. Just do it on wiki and you can cross completed stash units out by clicking on them, this is also just photos of the wiki, the only unique part was the line about crafting level = con level until con is released. Bad guide imo.
  3. grian

    Hi there

    Excluding my personal grievances with some of the staff members , i agree with this 100% 200m opi and xsyn are the only good server supports EDIT: rolex is also an ok support, excluding them, the ones that are active know jackshit about the game and are bad staff in general and some are just plain inactive EDIT 2 : i'd like to add that great chaos is a scammer , he scammed 150mil raids split and paid back so he could be unbanned from the raids discord.
  4. Solid concept but as others have said itd be useless since people wouldnt wanna really spend a zenyte(which is worth ~35mil at the making of this post) on a teleport amulet with the stats of a fury.
  5. Im in Romania and schools and borders been closed for the past month or so , attempts at online classes at my school basically failed and now we're just chilling with a ton of math homework we have to give when were at school
  6. Username: Grian Discord Tag: grian#4200 , will change when my nitro runs out How long have you played Zenyte?: since december of 2019 How active are you?: i play atleast a few hours a day, usually more than that. Tell us one thing about yourself: one of my hobbies is making pixel art
  7. grian

    My official resignation.

    Life has told me to notify you that your request has been denied. Im sorry but unless the useless supports get sorted out i dont think ill be coming back.
  8. grian

    My official resignation.

    Request denied, further requests go to Manager @Life
  9. It has been a great time so far with this community as a Manger, but sadly I must resign as the supports are too useless for me to be able to deal with this position. Thank you for your support and understanding, Grian.
  10. Thanks, will also add that.
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