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  1. In-game name: HivyTwitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/ihivyAre you interested in Streaming, or creating videos: StreamingAny relevant information: I stream just about everyday and feel like, I might as well stream for zenyte because i play it just about everyday, and definitely enjoy it. My stream is family friendly, and has an average of 15 viewers per stream.
  2. I want to start this off with a hello to everyone, And thanks for taking the time to read this through. I've been thinking we see a lot of people get achievements in public chat and all these 99's in chat. Well why don't we do something for the people who go above and beyond? I would like to make 120 Capes, Maybe a little pizzazz so it's not RS3 looking, But still conveys that they have achieved 120 in a certain skill. Maybe a remake of a 99 cape with a bit of a redesign looking more NEW? Below I have inserted what I believe would look really good for a 120 cape in this server. Please let me hear you thoughts on this. Thanks, ~Hivy My ideal 120 cape for this server
  3. I just figure it'd be a bit more challenging but I do like your idea.
  4. I think the emblems being added would be kind of cool kind of like a prestige emblem type thing to give people a reason to play
  5. I appreciate the feedback buddy, Thank you for supporting.
  6. I'm actually working on maxing a 5x right now I just started this server yesterday and just thought it would be really cool to add this just trying to help out the server
  7. I know this might sound weird, But honestly I love this server, and everything it has to offer. I just wish i could do something a little more... self gratifying. I think a normal 1x Exp rate would be interesting, and add a bit more bragging rights? It would be like maxing on regular RS. I just like to be challenged, and I figure why not? Pros -More Challenge for players -Maybe an emblem next to someones name to indicate they are playing 1x exp mode to show off a bit. -Bragging rights (; Cons - I don't foresee any cons as it wouldn't affect other players. Please let me know how you guys feel about this I just think it would be really cool to have an even greater challenge. ~Hivy
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