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  1. GF bro, hope to see u more in wildy now!
  2. hi im ibisak, i like pking and watching pvmers cry bout getting killed in wildy. in irl i like play computer bro. happy ramadan boys
  3. welcome, but i bet i could down u in arm wrestling
  4. ibisak


    I honestly really think this is a great idea big +1 on this one.. #MakeWildernessGreatAgain
  5. Bro why u gotta do me like this
  6. Not gonna lie, i busted out laugher when i saw the baka thing, holy fuck its so true hahahahahahhah
  7. Sound really funny! Maybe you could use some of the aspect, into creating a pking event also maybe?
  8. Nice guide bro! Will for sure be helpfull for alot of people!
  9. Nice one buddy, hope people will contribute on your quest!
  10. Unlucky bro! Better luck with the 100x masters!
  11. Mhm, loved the contest from gundrilla/420 team! "Where is sb ??"
  12. Awesome with the wilderness event! Sounds really fun aswell! +1
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