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  1. Nice event!! I'll deffo join in to show why I was #1 pkermen on zenyte
  2. Welcome to the club brotherman! The grass is greener on the other side!
  3. was a nice run, inshallah one day pking content will be pushed out, or combat/pathing will be fixed so they can make zenyte great again. best regards #1 pkermen
  4. ibisak


    no bro, wilderness is more dead than my great grandmother
  5. ibisak


    Yeah thats true!
  6. Since the last one got taken down because of toxicity, then please do not flame. Was a nice fight. https://streamable.com/xaoghh #SB
  7. Nice one, ngl. But please stop taggin #lit. The people from LIT doesnt know who u guys are, its disrespectful to their clan name.
  8. This is my entry. GL to everyone! ENTRY NUMBER 2 i made 2 variations, let me know which one you guys like the most! btw, if u need a sign on the forums, lmk!
  9. GF bro, hope to see u more in wildy now!
  10. hi im ibisak, i like pking and watching pvmers cry bout getting killed in wildy. in irl i like play computer bro. happy ramadan boys
  11. welcome, but i bet i could down u in arm wrestling
  12. ibisak


    I honestly really think this is a great idea big +1 on this one.. #MakeWildernessGreatAgain
  13. Bro why u gotta do me like this
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