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  1. Kind of derailing my own topic, still think it's a bit too rare for a private server, doesn't need that much of a buff but it would be nice. I tried doing a no tekton/mutta raid with vasa rope guards mystics crabs and shamans, it's like 30% more points indeed. Not entirely sure but I think Vasa/Crabs are the best points?
  2. Any chance you could tell me the layout? All the raids I've done were with the bonus scroll btw, I've done over 2 days worth of wisdom without getting a drop (RNG, I know) But what's this room layout you're talking about? Missing out on another 20% might be something I've been missing, I usually do all rooms except Vespula and Vanguards and I pick Muttadile over Tekton, also only do Vasa if I get an Overload before the room. As I said, I find it hard to find teams, so I got to do solos.
  3. Yeah, this is pretty much what I was getting at. I'm sure it's the same drop rate as OSRS, but that leaves gaps for going dry for 100s of raids, I've had it happen on OSRS, it really demotivates you from the game. I think atleast some items should become a bit more common, so that you atleast get a rare reward more often which might lower the price of some items, which means it'll be easier obtainable for players as the prices for current CoX items are way overvalued due to how slow the rate is that they are coming in the game. I understand they are end game items but I'm pretty sure most players don't get to use CoX items, at all. Raids has been out for a while now, I know most people don't like to see items drop in price, however I don't think the current eco around raids items is healthy.
  4. 1. How many hours a day do you play? 4-5 2. Are you in any other CLANS? No 3. Do you have Discord? Yes 4. Are you experienced in pvming? Very. 5. What is you favorite boss? CoX 6. How did you hear about us? I was raiding with some of your members, now I want to join
  5. The fire wall is really annoying having to cast humifidy on it manually rather than just clicking on the wall
  6. I feel like COX rare items should be a bit more common as it is a common theme on the server, having reduced drop rates. Raids are quite inactive, it's hard to find teams and most of the raiders do them solo. I feel like a slight boost to the rare rewards in comparison to OSRS should give raids more activity.
  7. Just easier mate, muscle memory from OSRS. + you can save energy running head olm solo easier.
  8. Holding the CTRL key with any mouse click target means you will run to it, useful for running to take an item, or to escape. Running may also be selected using a panel option, but all movement will be made at a run until walking is selected again, or your run energy falls to zero.
  9. Suggestion: Add the extension to the underground dungeon near Mage Bank so you can telegrab noted wines of zamorak while in wilderness. Benefits: More risk of losing your wines, thus noted so it'd be more rewarding. There's always a chance if you stay too long you lose them all to a PKer. Great method for ironman to gather wines of zamorak rather than the falador chaos temple.
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