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  1. Hi, I'm 1945 ! I'm 22 years old, (No I'm not 75 years old & not that old like many of you have assumed during my 5 months here LMAO) But I do love History & I love sharing these little fun facts with you guys on the ::Yell from time to time... When the time is right of course My goals here on Zenyte are sticking to that #Level3Lyfe and try to have fun as much as possible.. So far so good ! Who can't have fun when we're playing a very nice server with so many awesome people on it. When i'll be more than satisfied with my skiller, then I'll be working more on my Barrows Pure again but so far it's hard, I really love skilling it's my main shiznit right there ahaha! Outside of Zenyte I also love collecting coins, mainly because I do not view it as an expense but more of an investment that will pay off eventually, The coins I have are dated all the way to 2019, to 300 B.C. At the moment I have currency from 6 different countries and territories.. I also love cars and the car scenes behind them.. Besides the few toxic ones but Maybe that won't happen this year due to covid-19 but the years before I loved going to meets, seeing everyones rides and builds and just having fun mostly.. I have a 2002 Nissan Altima SE with a vq35de block, The heart donator for it was a Infinity g35 2005, (Non Rev Up), She's metalic emerald green, a factory color that I am in love with!! My Main games are at the moment are Zenyte, GTA V Online (Killing POS tryhards for days lel) World Of WarShips Legends & War Thunder. F#@king respect.
  2. In-game Name: 1945Medals: Gamer Junkie !Proof:
  3. Have I had one or too many to drink?... FANTASTIC !!!!!!! I Love this ! Thank you everyone !
  4. Remember, by buying bonds. You're supporting the current war effort, 

    Buy your war bonds today ! 

    1. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Reminded me of this song HAHAHA.

    2. 1945


      LMAO I can see why ahahahaha, FYI that's my Go Too gig right there when I wanna put a few miles behind me, foot to the floor and driving that son of a gun like you stole it, LMAOO!

  5. 1945

    Market Update

    I feel you.. but It's what it would make it so unique because I don't think no server has one of these Ge Charts. About the data accuracy maybe with a few tweaks and shit It could work?... (I'm just guessing I have no idea about coding such a thing) But we still have a size of a small osrs world... I'm sure it could work If it's possible in anyway to tweak it at the correct velocity for it to suit best our communities size but I'm not arguing either about your statement, I do agree with you but I'm sure they could work something out ! Thank you for your time reading and giving me your thoughts @Ironyte& @Starlight
  6. 1945

    Market Update

    Thanks man I appreciate it! It would be so beneficial having this as a price guide / tracker !
  7. Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful evening ! What do you guys think about a new feature that could be added to already clean and eye-appealing ::Market section of the forums... Say a Grand Exchange Chart!? Which would display every items past/current price-tags withing the last Day or Week, Month & Year like RuneScape has of course.. I know some of you might think this is useless due to most of y'all just simply remembering past or current price tags, but take an old fart like my self who tends to forget stuff from time to time lets say, lmao! It could be useful but overall I think this would be [email protected]#$king cleannnnnnn !! Think about it, It could be very clean honestly and a game changer on terms of Server Uniqueness (WHICH ALREADY IS) ! Thank you for your time reading this it's greatly appreciated ! Let me know on what you guys think as well ! Yours Truly, ~1945.
  8. Very nice detailed guide here ! What makes this guide so splendid is when we see me at 0:46 and again at 3:19 Just kidding, It's a very very well explained guide !
  9. I'm very pleased to read that you dig the most of these, thank you for leaving feedback & that goes to everyone too, thank you too ! You're right & it is great part of the forums, going back memory lane 4 months ago when I get to think of it, it's the OSRS vibe the forum gave me and those little medals that caught my first glare, it's silly to say but it's the little details like these is what makes a game sooo freaking awesome and perfect, Medals.. Achievement logs, a neat hiscores too.. What more can a Runescape enthusiast rsps player can ask for?? Looking forward to read your list of your new forum medal ideas !! I can't wait
  10. I hope we do see it on the forums in the near future !
  11. How come Noele isn't in there on the list :c? Thank you btw for this opportunity for us, I hope it's a developer that wins !! Only and strictly because... WE NEED dat sexy construction insiders info , hope "construction" isn't too classified.. Hehehe
  12. Jesus [email protected]#$ing christ those are beautiful !! Now the real question is why am I not seeing no graphics / official designer icon / status yet??? Those are splendid man
  13. Thank you I really appreciate the feed back and I love the seasonal awards idea & the game mode medals !! Thank you very much for the support and feed back !! Thanks for supporting man!!
  14. Hello everyone I hope you're all having a wonderful evening, I have a few new medal ideas that could be introduced to the forums that I'd like to share with you guys. Harmony, Awarded to players who've succeeded in unlocking all music tracks in Zenyte. Zenytian, Awarded to players that have been playing for over one year. (Or more, or less It's just an example) The Collector, Awarded to players that have collected every achievement diary items. All I See Is Green, Awarded to players that has earned 1000 reputation points on the forums. (Similar to the People Pleaser medal) Mystery Machine, Awarded to players who've solved more than 500 clues in Zenyte. (the cap could be lower, or more too idk it's just an example) I don't know if this is appropriate because this would add 23 new medals just in one go... but Maybe Max Skill cap medals?... I won't go through every skill because that would just be too long here but perhaps a 200m agility medal could be named something like: "Catch Me If You Can" for example, It could be neat Act Of Kindess, Awarded to players who have been voted by the community who has been deemed caring and helpful. (think about this, it could be something dope if we started something like this ^). Medal of Honor, Awarded to honorable players who have reported game bugs or glitches to the forums. Proficient, Awarded to players that have completed every minigame in-game that Zenyte has to offer. The Mime, Awarded to players whom unlocked every emote in-game. I've also seen a medal that someone had because they won a competition of some sort... I don't know what that is but I wanna see more of those please too ! .. More medals for the players who've been winning at these competitions for pets, or the recent Item thirst .. could be cool ! Thank you everyone for reading my suggestion, it's greatly appreciated. Yours Truly, ~1945
  15. Thank you very much dudes looking forward to doing the event !! Stay safe every fellow Zenytians !
  16. I want to see this happen, I support this !
  17. I like the idea of the token system with a rank after achieving 15 tokens, but personally. Maybe just a forum rank would suffice ... Or instead maybe a Zenyte Advocate forum medal perhaps? Because I see no use of a Zenyte Advocate rank nor icon being implemented ingame infront of a plain player's ingame profile, either than people just using it as a flex like @Benz stated earlier, or that some wise guy starts cracking his fingers before starting to impersonate staff towards any new players, but on a whole new level because of that little Zenyte Icon like the main logo has, I don't know... Just a thought here right, don't get me wrong I like the idea, but as for an ingame rank that goes with it.. Not so much, just because we're talking about the game's main trademark here.. I like the suggestion dude !
  18. 1945

    Weird Flex

    Ooof Oh no she's mine, our grey ass hairs match and sheeeeit, we're the perfect match, LMAO!! Thanks my dude I appreciate it !
  19. 1945

    Weird Flex

    Thanks my dude ! I hope so too but Until someone has prove me otherwise they got the set before me.. Then I'm claiming that title
  20. 1945

    Weird Flex

    Day 9 after Treasure Trails update.. I hope I can safely say I'm the first player with a full iron (g) set Oh. & If you were wondering who this wonderful lad howling amongst the gushing geyser.. His name is Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän & Yes that's a real german word. Lmao
  21. R.I.P DJ Crazy Toones.
  22. People who say "gz" can't spell Congratjulashionz correctly imo.


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      Sir Hassan

      We forgot the silent "t" at the beginning as well 😭

    3. 1945


      Ffs, Sh#t gets me every single time .. I swear🤪🤣

    4. Sir Hassan

      Sir Hassan

      Lack of ejucayshun maybe?

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