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  1. Hey dude, you can post your ban appeal in here https://forums.zenyte.com/forum/20-appeals/ & make sure you follow the template, After you appeal, an In-game Moderator, or an Administrator will get with you when they're available.
  2. Topic 6884's rewards been upped from 100 store credits to 500 store credits, May the best man/women win !

  3. #LongRods still kicking absolute arse I see... CONGRATULATIONS my brother for breaking the dry streak curse !!
  4. Hey there brotha, welcome to Zenyte !! That's the kind of shiznit I love to read, I'm glad to see you're loving Zenyte soo far! See you in-game my dude & have a wonderful day !!
  5. Absolutely you are allowed !! If I would of said no; I would of been in denial, Enjoy & have a wonderful evening !
  6. It's nothing at all dude, it's my biggest pleasure!
  7. Hey bro, hope you're having a good evening ! Someone will get with your for your donator transfer when they're available, thank you in advance for your patiences man & have a good one !
  8. Hey bro, welcome to the team & we're very glad to have you aboard !!!
  9. Time well spent brother, enjoy !
  10. PROMOTION Name: Archaic Current Position: Regular Player New Position: Server Support
  11. PROMOTION Name: HC Tuoppi Current Position: Senior Moderator New Position: Administrator
  12. Very nice rng with the whips !! Keep your head up, you'll break your dry streak soon & get that buldgeon in no time bro!
  13. Hey there brotha,@V iking,@[email protected] get with you for your donator transfer when they're available! Thank you in advance for being patient brother & I hope you'll have a wonderful day & a dope ass gameplay !
  14. Hey bro, what's good !? Has your request been completed my dude? @[email protected]
  15. Hey my brother !! @V iking, @Yamato69or @Mattwill get with you when they're available my dude, cheers in advance for being patient !! Have a good one dude
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