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  1. nardah/sophanem underground v good places to bot afk
  2. Dead Ruler

    staff app

    list of things to do if i get staff: - ban kris (still outstanding from the first time cuz i forgot) - mute hide
  3. Dead Ruler

    staff app

    suck it hide and hxrdcore ill make a real one soon depending on how busy i get
  4. Dead Ruler

    staff app

    In-game Name: dead ruler Timezone (UTC): UTC+1 Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): more than 5days Discord Tag : ruler#0000 Questions: How many hours per week would you be able to dedicate to the position? more than current staff Do you have any prior staff experience? was mod on some server recently Why would you make a good staff member?: cuz i play the game
  5. Edited with a couple things, thanks for reminding me Simon.
  6. Before I start, I want to point out that this thread should not be taken as a 'full' staff feedback on its own. However it should be looked at in conjunction with the 3 most recent staff feedback threads. I don't want to use this thread to bash the staff team so I will include some positives aswell, if your name isn't on here as a staff member (admins and below only) then I personally think you're doing a good job and should continue carrying out staff duties as you are. Admins Distraction - Putting our difference in opinions/views aside from the time I was a staff member, you have carried out your role as admin as best as you can. You are quite active in-game from what I can see and try your level best to defuse situations that may arise in help cc/discord/yell which is always a positive. Echo - I don't really see you much in-game or on discord besides when you are streaming other games. Maybe you do things behind the scenes which as a normal player I'm unable to see. However, if that is not the case then it may be a better option to allow the role of admin to be passed on to someone else. Moderators Joey (L) and Dragonic - I'll put both of you together since both of you are usually very chill and relaxed, can always rely upon the two of you to handle any things that may pop up in-game. Supports Before I comment further, what I'm about to say does not apply to all current server supports. (200m, Opi, Rolex and Xsyn the ones being excluded) This has to be one of the worst batches of server support I have seen in my time on RSPS; there's a lack of knowledge from some of you (a few examples shown later), there has also been multiple instances where some of you have been very impulsive in your actions. I shall reiterate again that this thread and what I say here should not be used on its own, but in conjunction with previous threads. And last thing to say is an instance that happened 2-3 days ago, I was at home and I saw someone say this in public chat. There was a server support at home and he was not muted until I posted the screenshot in discord and Joey muted him. I can only presume the staff member in question was afk (only reason he wouldnt mute), but even then you should not be afking on your staff account anywhere. (especially at home where everyone can see you lol) Some of you may be surprised to hear this but player interactions are part of being of a server support and the way I have seen some interactions (in cc/at home) are not at an acceptable standard. Overall I do not think that you deserve the position of server support. Edit: I won't mention the name but the person who was in charge of the most recent server support promotions also has to be more cautious and wary of who they are promoting. Yes I understand that the staff team is short in numbers but that is no excuse to promote people who aren't ready to be staff members. I would much rather see fewer but more capable staff rather than what I see now with the supports.
  7. Dead Ruler

    Reporting Hide

    He scammed me He's very mean
  8. on the to-do already (and maybe being added soon aswell)
  9. No support from me until the patch actually requires the completion of the morytania diary. atm anybody can use it. if that part gets changed, then i support this idea.
  10. This has been a known issue for awhile, hunter in general requires a few changes to be made. Kris will be working on a hunter fix not too long after Clues are released if I remember correctly. For now the temporary fix is a server restart which respawns the NPC's.
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