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  1. Grotesque Guardians The Grotesque Guardians have finally arrived to Zenyte! After a long time of development with a few delays here and there + the QA-phase, they're finally done. All the mechanics from OSRS have been implemented and work accordingly. Side-content that comes with this eg. smithing granite cannonballs and making the Guardian boots also work! Here's some media to get an idea of what to expect: Grand Exchange Rework In other news... $5 bonds have been added for staff to give out at events - these bonds are untradable Added some commands to make it easier for staff to adjust boss spawn timers during events The Weiss herb patch has been added; you can travel there by using the boat at East Rock Crabs Your run will no longer turn off when using items on ground items Added tool leprechaun to harmony island Added tar barrel object You will no longer see yells from people you have ignored Private message filters should now work properly This means that nobody can pm you if your Private filter is set to 'Off' and others will see you as offline This also applies to the 'Friends' filter There is currently a bug with users who have crowns in their name, where the client will not recognise them as your friend Added rake to home tool/skilling shop Added Allanna's Farming Shop in the Farming Guild Added Temple of Ikov access (along with Boots of Lightness spawn) You can now press Tab to reply to pms without having the other person on your friends list
  2. The long-awaited update is finally here! This time we bring you Zenyte Mobile, bird houses and a bunch of fixes. Zenyte Mobile Yes you heard that right, Zenyte Mobile. You will now be able to play Zenyte on your phone as well! Only Android phones are supported for now, as iOS requires a jailbroken device to play and to develop on, plus doing an iOS client is much more difficult in general. To play Zenyte on Android device, simply go to https://zenyte.com/play and download the .apk file! Birdhouses Birdhouses have been fully implemented. There are 4 birdhouse spaces around Fossil Island where you can setup your birdhouses. The timers are the same as OSRS (~50 minutes) but are lowered cumulatively starting as an Emerald Member. You will be able to find the exact timers on the donator benefits thread. Mycelium teleportation has also been implemented with this update. All the teleports are unlocked by default to easily travel through Fossil Island and the birdhouse spaces. To make birdhouses you will need clockworks. You can buy these from the Skilling shop at home. Bugfixes and small content additions To compliment birdhouses, extra seeds have been added to birdnests; these include redwoods, teak, mahogany and dragonfruit Added the requested custom pet for the discord contest winners (top 3). Added the custom pet for Zenyte Members. Added clockworks to the Skilling shop. Game noticeboard timers are no longer paused when you hide orbs. Daily challenges now show the right experience amount. Custom pets (from the store, discord contest or the zenyte member one) are no longer lost on death. Fixed the head appearance for the lederhosen hat. Morytania legs now give you the slayer xp boost whilst doing your slayer assignment in the Slayer Tower. Fixed the smelt 75 runite bars daily challenge. It will now progress properly. Random events will no longer occur for staff members. You can now turn your Zamorakian hasta back into a spear by using the hasta on Otto Godblessed. The auto-compost donator benefits now applies regular, super or ultra compost depending on the tier. The world switcher is here; available on both mobile and desktop this will allow you to switch to other worlds if they're available, as well as show the player count and activity of each world Boost potion share spell no longer removes more potions than necessary. Potential fix for npcs freezing out of the blue and becoming unkillable implemented. Fixed an issue with mithril dragon drops, where the drop would occasionally not appear. Dwarf multicannon restrictions applied to Zulrah's lair as well as Vorkath's island. Aviansies task now works for Kree'arra as well as its minions. Scorpia's attack range increased. Zulrah should no longer send an additional attack out to the player when they die. Players are no longer "cleared" so soon after logout - this caused a wide variety of problems, most of which weren't exactly visible but definitely were important. Rewrote area detection code to hopefully patch an issue where the player wouldn't be registered in the area they were within. Another patch for hunter, hopefully fixes the issues with player being unable to set up any traps. I've also added a fail-safe if this still persists after the update. Third-age druidic equipment can now be worn. Dragon knives have been given the level 60 Ranged requirement. Vet'ion can now be slain for the "Skeletons" assignment. Fixed the two ladders on Neitiznot islands which allowed players to noclip. Added some more vote rewards - more will come in the near future. Media Mobile world switcher: Desktop world switcher:
  3. Zenyte Mobile, the update you've all been waiting for and I'm proud to say that we are the very first RSPS to bring this out! Here are some teasers of what you can expect!
  4. Just a quick little update, in preperation for our bigger upcoming update featuring Chambers of Xeric. Make sure to keep an eye out for the #dev-blogs channel in the discord for some spicy Chambers of Xeric content! Donator benefits Existing donator benefits will now scale up better with the tier that you got. Added a new benefit for Zahur's services. Price per unit will be less, and scales with the tier. Emerald+ will now get another favorite teleport slot and Dragonstone+ will get another one as well. Emerald+ will now get another daily challenge slot and Dragonstone+ will get another one as well. Bugfixes The hand fan has been implemented. Fixed an issue with the Gargoyle smasher perk that wouldn't trigger if the Gargoyle was at 9 hitpoints or less. Superior creature kills are now tracked in the slayer log. Cleaning poisoned weapons will no longer set the amount of the item to 1. Completing a wilderness slayer assignment will no longer give you a guaranteed upgrade. Instead, it will now be RnG-based. The higher the initial task amount, the better chance you get on getting the upgrade. Implemented a bunch of fixes for hunter traps glitching out, hopefully improving immensely. The invisible death timer for ultimate ironmen is no longer 10 hours. Instead, it's 1 hour now.
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