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  1. Hi everyone, this update will be featuring daily challenges, Obor, Bryophyta, Adamant & Rune dragons, Zahur, Giant Mole, Drop Viewer and the latest revision upgrade. Daily Challenges You will now get a challenge everyday with the categories being skilling, combat & minigames. Each challenge has its difficulty and based upon the category of the challenge there's factors that will determine the difficulty of the challenge. You can stack up to 3 challenges at once and you can talk to the Challenge Headmaster in Edgeville to claim your rewards. The rewards be either an experience or item reward, or even both! Obor Obor, the Hill Titan has been added. You can kill him by obtaining a giant key which is dropped by all hill giants world. The boss fight is instanced meaning that you will lose all your items upon death. Bryophyta Bryophyta, the Moss Giantess has been added. You can kill her by obtaining a mossy key which is dropped by all moss giants around the world. Just like Obor, the boss fight is completely instanced meaning that you will lose all your items upon death. Adamant & Rune dragons Adamant & Rune dragons have been added with their proper combat mechanics. You can find them by teleporting to the Lithkren Vault through the Zenyte portal in Edgeville. Zahur Zahur has been added with all her functionality (decanting potions, cleaning herbs, making unfinished potions). You can find here in Edgeville, north-west of the banks & grand-exchange clerks. Drop Viewer We've added a drop viewer to view the drops per NPC. The drop viewer will also show the rarity that you can toggle between percentages & fractions. We're also planning on adding a feature where you can look-up NPCs based on an item that they drop. Giant Mole The Giant Mole has been added. You can find it by digging with a spade on certain mole hills at the Falador Park. The Giant Mole comes with the same mechanics as OSRS. This also means that it's highly recommended to bring a Falador shield 3 or 4 to locate the Giant Mole in the cave. Revision Upgrade We have upgraded to Oldschool Runescape's latest revision being #179. This also comes with the latest RuneLite client update being the 1.5.22 version. You can view the all features that RuneLite has to offer here. Bug Fixes/Small content additions You can now convert your coins & platinum tokens at bank objects. The looting bag is now properly emptied upon death. Fixed an issue with changing your beardstyle. Added spellbook switching at the altar north of the banks & grand exchange clerks. Added crafting moulds to the skilling shop. Added a teleport to the pure essence mine. Fixed a bunch of glitches with the duel arena. Graceful shop now accepts marks of grace instead of coins. Added silverlight to the melee shop. Kill 100 demons with it and it will transform to a Darklight. Added Mac to Edgeville where you can buy skillcapes and the max cape Fixed an issue with Hunter where traps would glitch out. Added snape grass item spawns to Waterbirth Island. Added the ring of life effect. Added the graceful set effect. Added the box of restoration to Edgevile. Added Perdu on the 1st floor of the Magic shop. You now have the option to rewatch the tutorial by talking to the Zenyte guide in Edgeville. Added item un-imbueing. Added the make-over-mage to Edgeville. Fixed the cave horrors dungeon exit. Migrated godwars to the new area system. Added the chasm of fire with all its lifts and demon spawns. Added the brimhaven dungeon obstacles. You can now transform the rock golem & rift guardian pets. Adjusted the Kalphite Queen respawn timer. Added mithril weaponry for ironman (previously went only up-to steel). Added member ranks and design icons for them. Bolt enchanting now shows proper message when you don't have the required items. Hardcore ironman deaths are now only broadcasted if the total level is 500 or higher. Added a warning for the Wilderness teleports through the Zenyte portal. Morytania legs teleports & bonus xp in the slayer tower features added. Fixed spawn directions for the void knight bankers. Added the ability to upgrade void knight pieces to elite. Added the ability to create an uncut zenyte by using a zenyte shard on an onyx. Added bonus xp feature when mining/smithing with Varrock armour. Added a command to open topics on the forums. You can now buy daily battlestaves from Zaff in Varrock depending on the diaries you have completed. Reworked the game settings & game noticeboard interfaces to look more 'osrs-ish'. Added the ability to travel through Keldagrim with the boats. Added elder chaos druids mechanics. Added a teleport to the Lithkren Vault and the barriers to reach the adamant & rune dragons also work. Fixed a few typos with the smithing message on certain items. Added the rimminton distillery to fill a lamp with oil. Added a toggle for whether or not to show the confirmation box when (un)noting items. Fixed a mark of grace spawn that would spawn on the wrong height level. The food shop now sells noted items instead of unnoted. Added amulet string for opal, jade & topaz amulets (u). Catching red chinchompas will now give the correct item. Added mithril seed planting.
  2. Welcome to Zenyte!
  3. Welcome to Zenyte!
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  5. Welcome to Zenyte! I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  6. First things first, we're once again very sorry that it took long for an update log, these last 2 months have mainly been just bug fixes and adding some missing features that don't necessarily have that wow factor. Obviously we want the game to be as perfect as possible, giving you guys the best gameplay experience as possible. Anyways, with the help of our awesome private beta testers, we managed to tackle a bunch of bugs and added a lot of QOL things. New player tutorial New players are now spawned to an island where they can talk to the Zenyte guide where they will be able to choose their game mode (regular, iron man, hardcore ironman or ultimate ironman), their experience mode (haven't been decided yet) and their appearance. After that you get the option to go through with the home tutorial (extra 25k gp) or to skip it. Farming rework Farming has been completely reworked, the system we had wasn't good enough so we decided to rework it completely from scratch. The skill itself should be 100%, even things like Hespori work. Seed box The seed box has been added which allows you to store 6 different seeds up to 2147m of each seed. Looting bag The looting bag has been added which allows you to store 28 items in the wilderness and deposit them in a bank outside of the wilderness. This is especially useful for ultimate ironmen. Perk system As we're nearing our public beta & release, it was inevitable to give our donation model some thought. One thing is for sure, neither one of us wants to have items like godswords and twisted bows in our store. Anyways, this perk system has been a success in the past and a lot of people seemed to like it at the time so we thought it was a good idea to apply it on Zenyte too. Rest assured, we won't have perks that give u double xp on skilling or whatever. Broadcasts Some basic broadcasts have been added for reaching 99 in a skill, 200m xp in a skill, maxing, rare drops, pets and hardcore ironman deaths. Game settings Players can now open the game settings (Game noticeboard interface -> Game settings) where you'll be able to filter level-up dialogues and broadcasts that were mentioned before. Item imbueing You're now able to buy imbue tokens from the vote shop which allow you to imbue items like rings for Dagannoth kings, slayer helmets and more. Bug fixes and small additions Chaos elemental/fanatic will now disarm 1 item instead of everything. Our hiscores API has been applied to the RuneLite hiscores plugin. Clan chats now have a limit of 2000 players instead of 100. Fixed roof issues with the new home area. Killcount is now tracked for kraken boss and zulrah. Zygomites no longer use magic. Added the draynor village/rogues den trapdoors. Adding a rope to the kalphite lair will now make you automatically climb-down the entrance. Pets are now lost on death. If the pet is insured, you will be able to reclaim it from Probita. Fixed a bug with demonic gorrilas where sometimes they wouldn't switch prayers properly. You can now use bones on the altar at home on the 2nd floor of the building north of the bank for extra experience. Arclight creation and functionality has been added. You can now create guardian boots. Added wall beasts in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Added Piles in the Resource Area, he will note resources that you get from the area. Added max cape teleports. Fixed an unreachable net fishing spot in Lumbridge. Trading/Price checker now checks for untradeable items. Rune pouch, looting bag, gem bag, herb sack and seed box and now correctly handled on death. Added object packing which allows us to implement custom objects. Implemented zenyte portal object (Thanks to lumplum for the model). The chaos altar (lvl 38 wilderness) now has a chance on not consuming the bones when using bones on the altar for experience.
  7. Welcome to Zenyte!
  8. Ay another dutchie, welcome to Zenyte!
  9. While I do agree with most of what you just pointed out, the majority of the playerbase we'll be looking at won't. For them it will be like ''why play this hard ass rsps when I could just play OSRS''. The teleports shown on the picture are just there to show the concept, we have yet to decide the teleports.
  10. First of all apologies it has been awhile since our last update log, we're all pretty busy during this time of the year. So for todays update log I have in store for you: Achievement diaries & rewards Finally managed to finish all the regions for the diary system. This sets us at roughly 275/449 completable diaries. We have plans on making some custom diaries for the remaining ones that we weren't able to complete due to missing content/quest-restricted areas. The rewards for these diaries have also been added. You can claim them from the taskmaster for that diary. Boss drops So with Kris' new drop system, I decided to add all the drops for each boss that we currently have in the game including special drops like pets & noted Pet system rework Pet rework with comes with every pet in the game and pet insurance @Probita. New teleport system So after getting some feedback from our beta testers on our teleport system, Polar and I decided to rework it and come up with a better design with custom cs2. The new system also allows us to have certain teleports locked and we also have plans on adding shortkeys to the favorite teleports allowing you to teleport by just pressing a button when you open the interface. The system is pretty much done, just need to fill it up with teleports. Worldmap sync Since the worldmap is seperated from the actual game map we also have to update the worldmap when we update a map in-game. So this gives us the ability to keep our worldmap updated with our actual map. RuneLite & protocol update Our RuneLite client has been updated to the latest version which comes with new plugins like GPU, chatbox timestamps, equipment bonuses on inventory item hover etc. Custom home area So we finally got ourselves a custom home area. Basically just Edgeville revamped to be more RSPS-friendly. The home area is still being worked on here and there but we're safe to say that we'll be going for this design. Bugfixes & minor content additions Added missing mithril dragon spawns in the Ancient cavern. Fixed spawning sequence for Cerberus, Kraken and Kalphite Queen. Some diary reward features like noted dagannoth bones/adamantite drops with fremennik sea boots 3. You can now use the clay forge in Neitiznot to smelt bars. Duel arena migrated to new area system. Pets are now lost on death. The 'Wait...' timer has been added when your opponent confirms the duel in any stage. You can no longer forfeit the duel during the countdown. Added some combat shops in the home area. Added Paul which acts as the ironman go-to npc where you can grab yourself a set of armour for your ironman mode or demote your ironman mode. Changed the destination for the Edgeville teleport from an amulet of glory to be more suitable for the new home area. Fixed an issue with charging a serpentine helmet. Fixed the make-over-mage. Fixed an issue with item sets. Start on dropviewer interface. You can no longer teleport to the abyss if you're teleblocked. Once again we thank our private beta testers for helping us perfecting the game.