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  1. Announce the clue received on roll for the vote in a global message and color them differently so people can see Elites stand out
  2. +1 on obtaining all diary awards from diary npcs. I suggested this in another thread last year but it got largely ignored. No reason why I can't get wildy sword 1-3 just because I'm at 4.
  3. yeah make me a 10hp pure when he's proposing ALL cb skills get locked lol This is basically a foolproof version of one of my suggestions +1 Support
  4. skilling task master would be dope as shit! Also rewards besides xp would be nice as well, hopefully relevant to the item it asks you to procure.
  5. support, this is a great idea that will benefit all players and will be fairly easy to implement.
  6. how bout a separate 1 def slayer helm that has the same stats as a spiny helm then?
  7. can you elaborate please? is this a no for every one of these suggestions?
  8. support, as long as it's not the maze random.
  9. support, barrows kinda sucks atm
  10. Seems to me you're just butthurt because your money making method got nerfed. I agree with Life, amethyst bought way too much gp into the game, and it was on par with money per hour with most high level bosses. Pretty sure up until the nerf, mining was the most profitable skill. You picked up on this, thought you'd make big bank from this obvious oversight and now that's it's been corrected, you're all up in arms about how staff handled the issue. None of the alternative suggestions I've seen above are better than nerfing the price. Maybe it should've only been a 60% nerf instead of 75%, but a price nerf was required. Slowing down the rate of amethyst gathering is unfair to anyone mining after the nerf, and it unfairly gives the people (like you) that mined amethyst before the nerf, an unfair advantage. I mean just think about this logically, did you really think the devs intended for mining to be the most profitable skill? No, of course not, but you still dedicated a bunch of hours into it, and now you're pissed because an unfair aspect of the game got patched. Sucks2suck, maybe if you played the game normally and not like a gold farmer, this wouldn't have happened to you.
  11. Big support, though the design of the capes should reflect osrs and not RS3
  12. Varrock Armour 2 requires 5 def (fremmy boots 2 require 40 and wildy sword 2 requires 50 attack). I know staff wants diary rewards to reflect OSRS so it'd be pointless to even suggest to change all diary rewards requirements to 0 (even though if you're able to get the reward on zenyte as a pure, you should totally be able to wear the reward) so I propose the following: Let the npc give the player an option of what reward they want to claim, that way I can at least wear my tier 1 rewards instead of nothing at all because I wanted the extra xp lamp..
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