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  1. This was the best server I've ever seen developed. Out of hundreds of servers I played its the only one good enough that I actually stuck too it. However after yesterday I'm taking a break. Some of us dumped months into this server, and you know what? I spent hours yesterday worried about losing my progress & looking for something official about the 'closing' and couldn't find shit. Nobody bothered to make a post until the evening, the only thing i could find is some dude rambling in the discord with screenshots, no apologies over the whole ordeal, or even a real explanation just literally that tommeh (never seen this guy in game in 75 days played, but was staff apparently?) dude sharing his screenshot drama thinking I should fucking give a shit about his arguments with someone else over caring about the state of the server I've been spending my time on. The fact that he explained the arguments he had with kris and tried to absolve himself while I saw nothing about the state/plans for the server shows the devs/owners were definitely on some narcissistic shit for sure. This whole thing was kinda fucking pathetic guys, the least you could have done after yesterday was apologize on the news post for the confusion and chaos of everyone quitting. Whatever the guys were getting paid as devs, it was too much. Walking away before at least finishing what you started with TOB is unprofessional as hell, and there must be a massive circle jerk going on if they're even allowed to hang around here after that. In almost any other field of work, you would be blacklisted for walking away in the middle of a big project, so they definitely should be banned from here & discord at the very least. Lucky for you guys, there's no reputation other than attached to usernames, so naturally there's not going to be any sort of real blacklash for such shitty unprofessional behavior. Slow updates was one thing, but no updates is not acceptable when you're making money. Not keeping us in the loop yesterday AT ALL was not acceptable. Hell even saying "staff is having a discussion about the future of zenyte" would have been loads better than the fucking silence from the staff yesterday while shit was hitting the fan, people were quitting, advertising other servers and dropping banks. Rank #3 here taking a break until they sort this shit out. I'll come back when it doesn't feel like my months of progress are going to be stripped away from a coin toss on how the owner's emotions towards each-other are that day. I will say this; In the future you should contract devs per piece of finished content, so that devs aren't getting paid for months to half code pieces of content. They certainly shouldn't have gotten paid for coding half of TOB. You also shouldn't have anyone in staff who doesn't even log into the game, cause then they have a mental disconnect and think their drama is more important to explain than the state of the server to the players. Love you guys, but the team needs to sort their shit out atm. I'll check back in a few weeks and see if there's any proper plans to move forward. Peace for now.
  2. There are 2 nearby teles to kraken other than portal, the fairy ring and port piscatoris tele. I figured kraken scroll was only 400k or whatever so I bought one thinking it would save me time. In reality the tele from the portal puts you like 10 steps to the west of the fairy ring ultimately making the scroll useless as it only saves like 5 seconds, and less than 1 click worth of running. I suggest, just to make it a little less useless to change the tele position to inside the kraken cave, right outside of the boss. Or at the very least put us in the middle of the cave there in between the boss and the entrance. Maybe the scroll would gain a little bit of value too if it actually saved a minute each time it was used.
  3. Remove Eye of Newts from supply drops and replace the roll with Wine of Zamorak. Newts are incredibly easy to get and are basically a wasted roll, whereas wine of zamorak are so rare that I've seen someone drop 500 dwarf weeds cause they never were gonna be able to use them. It's not like ranging pots need to maintain a price as they are sold in the shop, I think it would be a way better herblore secondary drop.
  4. Krigeris


    Suggestion: Randomize PID every time you pick up an item (can be limited to home so that it doesn't cause issues in pvp) so that drop parties aren't so lopsided towards a small amount of people
  5. I think resource collection is fine, its just buffed from rs, lobsters are faster, sharks, magic trees. As long as everything is faster, it makes sense that you'd be able to power fish lobs instead of trout/salmon, or power mine coal/gold instead of iron. I don't think it needs to be "fixed" as resource collecting on rs has always been unrewardingly slow compared to killing mobs for resources, and the current way it is make it slightly worthwhile to skill for them.
  6. On osrs minnows were released as a method to get sharks faster than actually fishing sharks. However, on here the collection rate for resources is buffed (trees, fish, etc all collect faster). This actually makes minnows not as good in many instances as plain fishing the sharks thus making minnows nearly obsolete. I did some testing, (See attachment) I compared how long it took to get 27 sharks, and then 1080 minnows (same amount worth for sharks). I tested it at level 82 on my ironman, and level 99 on my main to get a feel for both the highest and lowest levels. I found that at level 82, minnows get sharks 30% slower than fishing sharks outright. At level 99 minnows are only 16% faster than fishing sharks, highly not worth the amount of focus they take compared to fishing sharks and nowhere near the hourly increase of sharks as osrs. Suggestion: As with many other things being buffed on the server (runes being doubled, cannon balls being doubled) I think that minnows fished could do with a 50-75% increase. A 50% increase would make minnows 6% faster than sharks at 82, and 75% faster at 99. A 75% increase would make minnows 24% faster than sharks at 82, and about twice as fast at 99. Either one would make minnows viable. As it stands, they really aren't worth doing even with it 16% faster sharks at 99.
  7. So as a non-iron, I see con as pretty much useless for mains. With the heal box at home, the altar to change books at home, chaos altar being superior, and the tele portal pretty much all things that con provide are covered. So when con actually does come out, the one big thing I'm not looking forward too is training it up for the heal fountain, building a tele room and all that, and still needing to tele back home to use the portal (since it has more teleport options than the nexus portal in player owned houses do.) Solutions: 1. Best solution imo, would be to add the zenyte portal to be buildable inside the house. in the same room of an exit portal, add an option to build a orange (zenyte) portal in the garden space. 2. Bit harder of a solution, would be to add all zenyte portal options to the nexus (idk if this is even possible with the interface) 3. Weakest solution but still not bad and easiest to implement, would be to make mounted glories edge tele in the POH teleport you directly to the zenyte portal (or inbetween the portal and the bank) at home PLEASE don't make me tele back home and run to the portal when teleports, heals and all that should be self contained within construction since we're spending mills on the skill. If you can't use the portal teles easily from the POH that completely makes the POH pointless for me, I would have to train con up and then not use the house cause the portal is infinitely more useful than the city teles the nexus allows. tl;dr please make the zenyte portal easily accessible from the POH in some shape or form since easy teleports is one of the big attractions to con on osrs
  8. Cool idea, but I probably wont be doing anything with a buy-in if I have to rely on random teams. Would suck to chip in and then have team mates give up or stop playing.
  9. Gotta say man, I really enjoy your types of give-aways, and games. Beats the old standard drop parties any day. Tell you right now if I win a bond here, I'm keeping 10M worth and splitting the rest between new players. Purple Flowers, ideal time for the giveaway would be 22:00 in game time (5 pm for me)
  10. Lots of people dont know that zahur at home can crush secondaries and add noted herbs to noted water filled vials. Its understandable as on osrs it takes elite desert diaries, but on here it doesn't, and many many MANY people do not know this and are probably wasting a ton of time making unf potions and manually crushing secondaries. Everyone I've stopped to talk about it with did not know that, I didnt know it until mid 90s herb. Lots of us felt dumb for not knowing about it So I believe you should add a "did you know" tip like "Did you know zahur at home can add herbs to water vials and crush secondaries for you?". I have had tips disabled for a while after seeing them all so if this was already added, my apologies and you can ignore this.
  11. After getting imbues I need I find myself not really caring too much about the points, however I think there are some things that will fit well in the shop that could be useful to almost anyone; 1. Trouver Parchment - This is a LMS reward on os, it lets you spend 500K to bind an untradable and prevent it from being lost above 20 wilderness. One time use and the killer gets the 500k when they kill you. 2. Spicy Stew - On osrs this will randomly boost/drain your stats from -6 to 6, useful for people especially irons that need boosts in skills that don't have potions. Since people are spending points on it, I dont think you need all 4 stews, you just need 1 stew in the shop that randomly boosts stats from 0-6 to make the whole thing more straight forward and slightly less rng dependant.
  12. So I went into the magic axe hut for wildy slayer, accidently dropped my lockpick it went into my looting bag. On osrs you can just walk out of the door, but on here you need a lockpick to leave, making it possible to get stuck which happened to me. I messaged a support staff, they asked higher-ups and said "there's nothing they can do" apparently? Well first of all, I have been manually teleported by staff when they were doing bot checks, I know you guys have commands to teleport people...telling me I had to kill myself to get out of there was simply not true, why not be straight forward about it? Second of all, if theres some kind of rules you have regarding not teleporting players outside of bot checks, those need to be suspended when a player gets stuck somewhere due to a bug. What if that happens to a hardcore account? What if I had un-tradables on me (lost above 20 wildy)? Killing myself would not have been a reasonable option in those scenarios.
  13. I really like the update but its kinda irking me how it was done. Some instances cost 100k to retrieve gear, some instances cost 1.5M to retreive gear, some instances you can't retrieve gear at all. Can you just make all instances a standard 100k to retrieve gear, including kraken and KBD? Literally no one new to GWD is gonna be willing to dish out 1.5M a death to try and learn the bosses, especially when they only get 1-2 kills a trip. This only helps seasoned boss killers. And disconnects at KBD/kraken are going to be infuriating if you can't retrieve your gear. Again the update is great but I'm not going to be able to get much use out of it in the current state, the prices are not friendly for people new to bossing at all, particularly the 1.5M at gwd...
  14. The maps look sick but 1.5m feels like a lot to retrieve gear when vorkath is 100k
  15. I've seen people saying you need a spotted cape for a clue, and that you have to ask an admin to get one. Sounds like it should just be added to Jackie's shop, or the clue step temporarily removed. At the very least if you don't want to do that, give 100 capes to each server support so they can give 1 to anyone who asks about the clue. Content hinging on admins being online is not ideal.
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