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  1. Congratulations to the other winners, and thank you for whoever voted for me
  2. Perhaps I've been listening to a vocal minority to much--Maybe just increasing the gp drop amount could be enough to help address this issue (if it indeed is an issue). Keep in mind that gp isn't a guaranteed drop and most of the gp I've received on slayer tasks has been from supply drops and high alching. In addition, I initially rationalised that longer skilling would require more time/resources which some players may opt to buy to save time. Perhaps this is counter intuitive to having a lower xp rate. Would still appreciate further discussion on this though.
  3. I've been playing since launch on 10x and managed to max this past weekend (first one, humble brag). Throughout my playtime, I've thought about potential benefits for lower xp rates, as it's something I've noticed has been asked repeatedly by newer players. Reduce the cost of max capes for Ironmen players, or reduce the cost of all subsequent capes. I have seen Ironmen players complain about the cost of the max cape so I thought I’d add this here for discussion. For 10x and 5x rates, increase the amount of gp that is dropped by X%, with 5x being higher than 10x. Although enabling this would (ideally) provide only a small short-term bonus during the initial levelling process, the main benefit would be that it scales with time and continued playtime (hopefully). However, I acknowledge that this suggestion conflicts with the notion that lower xp rates would not have increased/better drop rates. I would argue that increasing the amount of gp received from drops is marginal in comparison to increasing drop rates. This would exclude gp rewards received from pest control, supply drops, and voting. The ability to instance all slayer bosses when on task, and reduce the amount of gp that is needed for bosses that are already ‘instance-able’ for 10x and 5x players. The ability for players to favourite slayer tasks once they have achieved 99 slayer (and spend points to unlock the ability to do so/fill the slots?). All xp rates would have 1 slot, with 10x rates having an additional 2 slots (3 total) and 5x rates having an additional 4 slots (5 total). I’m unsure as to the rate, or increase in chance, of receiving a favourite slayer task but 10% per slot sounds reasonable (?). The concept for this idea comes from Life’s loyalty challenge suggestion (see suggestion here). Completing a daily challenge that you have level 99 (not boosted) in that skill for rewards players with a ‘reward token’. For example, completing the challenge ‘Cut 100 Redwood Logs’ when at level 99 Woodcutting would award the token. These tokens could then be traded to an NPC to receive items primarily relating to skilling (i.e. herb seeds, herblore secondaries, bars/ores, gems) and potentially some outfits/other rewards. All xp rates would receive 1 token per challenge, with 10x rate players receiving an additional token (2 total) and 5x rate players receiving 2 additional tokens (3 total). In addition, milestone completions could be added; completing X amount of challenges in a row gives additional tokens and/or gp rewards. The major problem with this idea relates to whether Ironmen players would be eligible to receive these tokens/rewards, as it could be seen as a 'supply drop' which they are ineligible to receive. - Nevertheless, I feel it would be worthwhile to add some new daily challenges unrelated to skilling. For example, open X Barrows chests, complete X amount of slayer tasks from Duradel or Krystilia in a row, deal X amount of damage, etc. Other suggestions are welcome. Thoughts?
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