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  1. my mom and dad fight and also this: https://open.spotify.com/track/1yHdZ9S6rBlNPH3LDNMy2P?si=mo-upEinR5GYpoGBs_Y1Wg
  2. Ingame name: hcim btw/i died btw Time Zone: GMT+3 Team you apply for: iron Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: - Past experience pvm/skilling: i have a maxed main and maxed iron with 1.4b xp, i did alot of bossing on the iron. Do you Accept the rules?: nah (yes)
  3. Ok what if monthly staff votes so the community can vote on staff they want to be promoted/demoted. So also when someone makes a staff application if staff accept it they make a vote if that person should be made server support or not. Something like this would make the staff team consist of more pepole that the community actually likes and not random pepole most of the community hates. -Your dad from vietnam
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