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  1. I don't support any of this except maybe the slayer helm and even then ur pushing it. -Slayer helm gives hella defensive stats and if u could get on 1 def that'd be insane. Lunar spells have access to veng, veng other, spec xfer etc. I am on-board with the post above (non-combat only some support) As I agree pures should be able to glassmake and flax spin and fertile soil without the need for defence levels. 1 def chivalry.... LOLNO Ranged gear - No ur 1 def for a reason once again u want access to fashionscape/extra +2range/def essentially; get the defence requirement. Exp lock / revert - As stated above this would make any unique account just look like shit because they could just max then reset their combats etc No support
  2. Nice update. Probably wont ever get infernal myself, but best of luck to the pro pvm'ers
  3. Nice bro. What happens when ur cleaned tho lmfao.. Gambling addicts with their weird flexes.
  4. Yeah man. Let's just get x2, x3, x4 etc... and give them emblems also. Let's give x5,x10, and x25 also. No thanks time could be spent elsewhere to make the whole server better. Max a 5x first before you make a post like this at least man xD
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