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  1. In-game username: No Respawns Medal(s): Pet Proof for your Medal(s):
  2. Schedule with me in game a good time to start
  3. Coming right up. MasterMewTwo Services: Complete
  4. Customer, and Service Provider Security Statement: Upon applying for Danny's Zulrah Services, you are agreeing to the following. 1. You will not make false claims against Danny in any way shape or form or further services will be denied. 2. You are entrusting Danny to play on your account for Zulrah, and Zulrah only. 3. You are agreeing for the entirety of your services to be live streamed, and saved. 4. You will pay for your services in advance. Zenyte GP, or Zenyte Bonds are accepted as payment. 5. You will change your password upon completion of services. If you decide to back out during services you will NOT BE REFUNDED by Danny, or Staff Members. Service Provider: First of all, I would like to thank you for stopping by Danny's Zulrah Services (DZS). My name is Danny, you may know me in game as Murdex, Wet Poosey, or No Respawns. I have been playing OSRS since '05, and Zenyte since the weekend of 22 November 2019. I am bringing you my knowledge, and possibly gear to complete the achievement diary, grind for a set KC, or hourly grind. I will average 25-30 kills an hour with medium scaled gear. Account Requirements: Regular mains: 75+ Attack (Trident of the swamp) 75+ Defence, 75+ Ranged, 40+ Prayer, 75+ Magic, 60+ HP, 76 Agility. Pure accounts: 75 Attack (If Trident of the Swamp) 1-45+ Defence, 90+ Ranged, 40+ Prayer, 90+ Magic, 60+ HP, 76 Agility. Ironman: Same as above, Plus supplies. 1x Prayer pot dose per kill. 1x Range potion dose per 3 kills. 9x Shark, 9x Karambwan's per 2 kills (1x Anglerfish per 2-3 kills if available). 1x Antipoison(4) of any kind per 2 kills (or Serpentine helmet) 1x Ring of recoil per 3 kills recommended. Best mage gear, and ranged gear you own to include runes, bolts, arrows, darts, and scales if BP, Toxic staff, or Serp helm is used. HCIM: Request at your own risk, same requirements as Ironman. I do offer a service guarantee, if you have 99 Def, 99 Ranged, 40+ Prayer, 99 Magic, 99 HP, 76 Agility. I WILL NOT DIE in Zulrah, unless DDoS or Server lag. (Will be recorded) If the .1% chance that I die to my own accord you will be offered a full refund as you pay with a bond. Pricing: Customer's Gear/ Supplies/ Refer to Ironman requirements 150K Zenyte GP per kill up to 50 KC 115K Zenyte GP per kill up to 100 KC 2x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 25M Zenyte GP up to 5 hours -Straight 3x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 35M Zenyte GP up to 8 hours -Straight 6x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 70M Zenyte GP up to 15 hours -Straight 8x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 100M Zenyte GP up to 24 hours -Straight Danny's Gear/ Supplies 250K Zenyte GP per kill up to 50 KC 215K Zenyte GP per kill up to 100 KC 3x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 35M Zenyte GP up to 5 hours -Straight 5x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 60M Zenyte GP up to 8 hours -Straight 9x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 100M Zenyte GP up to 15 hours -Straight 1x $100 & 3x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 150M Zenyte GP up to 24 hours -Straight Teaching: 60 minute block of instruction via private stream/ discord voice call 5M Zenyte GP By filling out a Services Application you are agreeing to the Privacy Security Statement and the following: No payments will be made from alt's or for another Zenyte Player. No Zenyte staff or myself will be harrassed about services. No double booking. No refunds if no rare's or pets are received during your session. Services Application Discord name (Case sensitive): IGN: Account type (normal, IM, HCIM, UIM): Main or Pure: Defence Level: Ranged Level: Prayer Level: Magic Level: Hitpoints Level: Agility Level(or Zulrah teleport aquired): Package: Danny's gear/ supplies or Customer's gear/supplies:
  5. 1. Tell us about yourself - Yo, my name is Kyle but I go by Danny (because of my last name) I am a Zenyte affiliate streamer going for that partner status. I have been playing Zenyte for a couple weeks now, but coming from a lot of OSRS experience. I like to snowboard, play the piano and get sauced. Some goals in-game are to max my hcim x5 and then teach people how to speed run Zulrah like a bunch of legends! Outside of Zenyte I am just waiting to get out of the Army and then start school. 2. What is your Zenyte in game name? My main acc HCIM x5 is 'No Respawns', my alt's are 'Wet Poosey', and 'Murdex' 3. What are your favorite activities to do in-game? My favorite things to do in OSRS (soon to be here) is Zulrah, Staking, and scaring myself shit-less running through the wildy with a HCIM.. maybe not my favorite but the viewers love it.
  6. Well hey there Matey! Welcome to the server. I also came from OSRS, if you need any help let me know
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