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  1. Well you didn't need to flex on all of us like that
  2. So glad to have ya back. Your re-intro was really inciteful and I look forward to seeing ya around. P.S. RIP Mixer
  3. I personally believe an awesome reward for dailies after max-level would be the usage of a similar system to Wintertodt, you can reward players with a box that gives you random items. Maybe the item can have the chance of giving the pet for the skill, or the armor for that skill. Obviously drop rates would need to be modified to accommodate this drastic change, but that'd for sure make me go out of my way to complete the dailies. Who doesn't like to open loot boxes? EDIT: With this, additional benefits can be offered to donator ranks, similar to wintertodt boxes. You can offer additional loot-rolls to those who have donated money to the server and achieved certain ranks.
  4. Maybe even a simple introduction of some popular "fashionscapes," something as simple as variations of boot colors, the classic blue shorts+shirt, Slave top+bottoms, cavaliers (economy isn't poppin so there's not many of these going around), the classic elegant clothing. Simple cosmetic items that allow people to show off. This may be met with poor reception, though, seeing as a lot of these items come from clue scrolls and people will feel it's taking away from the game.
  5. Hey everyone, just thought I'd reintroduce myself on my old post. My name is Gob, I no longer go by Gobero. I've recently been hacked on both OSRS, and RS3 so I decided to try my hand on this server again. I really enjoy the community that the server has built, respecting it a lot more after reading all the turmoil that happened in my absence. I'm grateful this server is kicking still and will be forever in debt to Jakey and Matt for that. A little bit about myself, I am currently enrolled at a uni studying Game Design full-time. Whilst I have free time, I like to get around the gaming communities I'm a part of, Zenyte included. I definitely enjoy talking to people and having a good time with others. Always have to control the vibe and ensure its good. I'm a car appreciator, I don't have the money to be an enthusiast (but does anyone really?). I've spent a lot of my free time studying things that interest me, such as cars and computers. If you need assistance with computers I can definitely help. Not so much cars, I'm a nooby there! I apologize to anyone who's met me in-game, I'm a sarcastic little shit and can get myself in trouble with the level of sarcasm and sass I bring to the table. If I offend you, just let me know and I'll try to tone it down! I try to be friendly to those who need it, although at this time I have 0 intention of becoming a staff. If anyone needs anything from me, feel free to reach out. My DMs both in Discord and Runescape are open, don't hesitate to reach out! ~Much love, Gob. (Apologies if bumping my old post is bad-sauce.)
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