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  1. Hey nice to meet you Sia, Best of luck with your goals and achievements!
  2. I like this a lot, congrats to those who have one tho!
  3. Nice guide and nice layout! Good Job
  4. Welcome to Zenyte! Have a great time when the server releases!!
  5. Sick updates, I likes a lot, good job!
  6. Thanks for this, I also thought post count got badges, But nice to see this, thanks!
  7. Hello my name is Paul, I'm from the United Kingdom and I am currently 18 Being following Zenyte for long time now, and the progress has just gone sky rocket!! Nice to see everyone tho
  8. Love these threads, nice and detailed, thank you for the newsletter
  9. So hyped, Thank you guys!!
  10. Paul

    PVM Clan

    I would be up for it mate.
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