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  1. Terrible topic, you're clearly salty that you didn't get promoted and now you're taking it out on the community. Maybe edit your topic and include some details and non-bias thank you very much.
  2. Wdym how? Myself and many others prefer faster exp rates. There's literally no harm being done with making a x50 exp rate mode.
  3. this suggestion isnt only for pkers. i'd play zenyte but atm its too slow for me. x50 = i play, and possibly many others.
  4. Since you all seem so concerned for the private server economy, how about keeping the combat the same and doing x50 skilling?
  5. Can we have a x50 skilling and x150 combat exp mode because a lot of us have realised x25 mode is too slow and bringing a faster mode will allow people to have more fun and it'll bring you loads of players.
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