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  1. Necro'd. Would love to see this addition. Or atleast a way to catch the monkeys somewhere for tail.
  2. Any staff feedback? Or will construction be released Soon™?
  3. +1 Awesome QoL improvement! Would love to see this added. Would save alot time gearing for farm runs between or during and for slayer tasks/bosses. Only thing I think that would be better to leave out is the magic book switch and limit it to banked items/gear.
  4. Suggestion: Add treasure chest to home/wherever as long as construction isn't released for clue item collecting. This will probably be a welcome addition to the game with the release of clues since it fills up your bank pretty fast. I don't see any problem adding this since there is the altar and lectern as well from the contruction skill (might be able to re-use some of the code). Once contruction is ready/added this can of course be removed again with a small grace period to move it from the chest to the PoH (if needed and not transferred automaticly). Goes for both item collectors and UIM that might want to enjoy doing clues without dropping every reward. Note: will probably improve format when I get home.
  5. I would like to suggest the option to remove/block lvl 99 and/or 200m skills from daily challenges. Just pre-eoc you also had the option to disable daily challenges when maxed. Also: Saw somewhere saying you get exp and/or supplies from completing tasks. However I have yet to see supply rewards aside from exp after completing them. Either edit/remove that line of text or add supply rewards. From the Rs3 wiki: "By talking to Challenge Mistress Fara, Rashida, or Heriau, players may choose to block receiving new challenges in any skills that have maxed levels. For this purpose, 120 Dungeoneering, Slayer, Herblore, and Farming count as maxed. Each skill has its own toggle, so players can choose to block some skills while keeping others assignable. Blocking a skill will not remove challenges for that skill that have already been assigned." Would love to hear your opinions.
  6. Nice guide! However I would like to suggest adding 1 tip: Bring b2p runes for extended trips.
  7. I would like to suggest an increase to the drop chances of Barrows since (esp. since we are on a private server) the drop chances just seem too low. This is mostly an issue for ironman attempting to get the elite diary or sets like Guthans for slayer etc. The following things come to my mind: - Increased rate from donor rank (makes it more worthwhile to get higher donor rank on ironman since it's intresting on normies to buy mystery boxes for resale value) - General increased rate (might be without anything or when for example wearing RoW (i)) - A point system which adds up when completing a run, X amount of points can be traded for a random complete set or X amount of Barrow items That's all I can think of for the moment. Please leave feedback below
  8. 99 herb 99 cooking 99 fish
  9. 99 att/str/def/hp 99 magic 99 ranged making maxed combat (all combat skills 99)
  10. That would be so awesome! On most other servers you automaticly lose all items if there is no other player in the instance as it will then be closed.
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