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  1. Dope idea. Would be really beneficial to track prices of stuff better.
  2. Would be cool. I think the incremental changes should be double what you suggest though
  3. Agreed. I think it'd also be nice for staff to give one warning instead of letting arguments go on and on and constantly saying "last warning."
  4. Okay cool. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. Is this only a pvp rule? For example, if I'm barraging Nechs, but other people are there doing a task as well, is that considered ragging? Serious question
  6. Back on September 1st, Destruction posted the following thread: He states; "afterwards there will be a way that is considerably harder/grindier than 60 vote points to acquire the enhanced ice gloves." No one that I've asked seems to remember that this item existed, so it doesn't seem like there's a way to figure out how to acquire them if they still even exist. I feel like it'd be a very nice update for those who are going for highscore ranks because it can help with herblore (lava snakes) and smithing (blast furnace)
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