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  1. Bought all 3 2+ years ago inferno bans are a myth
  2. Bought inferno on 07 (main, med & pure) dont see the issue
  3. e: question was adjusted; good job.
  4. So because they aren't obtainable and not really necessary for anything you think it should cost the price of a bond per 90 potions?
  5. I'm not sure why you would base the price of a dark totem so high?.. all it does is grant you a skotizo kill... how can you justify that ridiculous price. All you're really getting is ancient shards (which you can already buy for cheaper than that) and a pet roll on arguably the least desirable pet in-game
  6. 25m for 600 pots at 5 pts, 25m for 100~ pots at 30 why bother adding them to the store
  7. as long as the potions are something like 5pts per pack, extremely stingy otherwise.. especially with the same few people mass buying bonds driving the prices sky high.
  8. wont be voting doesnt affect me
  9. Lets be honest, how many ironmen are going to repeatedly try farm T10s to buy food. Food issues are only early game ironman content. Once you progress it never becomes an issue. I haven't even thought about needing more food post 99 fishing.. and that's 25x can't even imagine the 10s+5s that play.
  10. 1) Personally found the server through a mutual when the player base was going through the peak.. Out of everyone i associated with back then no longer plays and has migrated to either other servers or they have regained their interest in osrs (zulrah fan92 for example) big shame really as this type of server needs a strong player base. Without it you're limited on really pushing an appeal to play. 2) Can't remember, long ago. 3) Seeing a vast amount of staff changes during my stint it would be highly unfair for me to look to the past, all the false promises and hope hard pushed by once ex-loved staff members. My only issue right now is solely the moderation of the help cc.. We have a tight knit community on this server only really peaking at like mid 60s at any one time. I feel that conversation should be allow to flow more regarding "edge" discussion matters. I'm not saying lets sit there and throw around direct flame at eachother and flame bait and whatnot but i feel the moderation is too strict for the purpose the cc holds. In general though the assistance seems to be there for new players, the mods do their thing and apart from Matt the Administration+ is generally approachable. That being said Matt isnt there to push questions and opinions to so i can see why he just ignores his pms. Shame though since some of us are banned from the discord. 4) I don't really have the time or effort to get involved with the niche events they hold.. Looks like quite a success though. Could probably do with more CoX events rather than just garbage content or pet hunts though.. Maybe think outside the box. 5) As i understand it there is no full-time dev for zenyte.. You might as well poll updates so you can utilize what little time they do spend on the server going towards what the players actually want. Sure it hinders potential good updates for some but in the grand scheme of things its likely they wouldn't get added in a timely manner anyway.
  11. I would just like to clarify that i actually didn't know the set was added to the game. I'm 32m xp (25/50x) and have never received a single piece. Obviously my original post is retarded now that i know its actually available... Thanks for the information gents.
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