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  1. YSL

    Lucky week :)

    some pretty pog drops
  2. not really a fan of custom pets/content
  3. wish the battle mage drop-table would have been tweaked, oh well mabye next time. good work.
  4. YSL

    07 loot

    So basically i've been locked out of 07 for the past 3~ months due to a login limit attack by a rival clan.. This morning i woke to a discord invite and acceptance into the steam beta logged at 6:30am ~ saw some of the boys were afk killing corp so i rolled up for (1) kill.. Easiest 250m split ive made since being back.
  5. Thanks for your time chief
  6. Deserved as fuck, keep it up champ.
  7. tbf when i was active it's the only reason i continued to vote
  8. its already the same as 07 lad
  9. Anyone else unable to log in? xd



    1. 1945


      They're doing maintenance on the server, everyone who was already logged on can still play but for those who weren't, they can not log in for another 30 minutes until it's all done 

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