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  1. Hello Everyone, First time for me playing this server, but long time scaper, I decided to start with the challenge of having a OSAAT account. Whatt is OSAAT you will ask: One Skill At A Time So basically I can only train one skill at a time up to 99. I set myself some ground rule to make this a good challenge: Rule 1 - Only one skill can be train at any time, except HP Rule 2 - Once a skill reach lvl 99 it is unlock and can be train while doing other activities Rule 3 - I'm open to suggestion to make this more interesting Here's a snapshot of the account today So I started off by getting 99 Agility, felt like it. After that I did Woodcutting. Which gave me this bad boy: Then Mining. Which also gave me another bad boy: Then Fishing, Then Cooking. And now i'm working toward 99 fetching. The bank not very impressive right now, and I don't expect it to be anytime soon : So that's basically it. I will keep you updated along my journey to maxed out
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