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  1. No most active in discord?? and no shoutout to pixels for header? ^2
  2. They were not "picked".. They were referred to.. Stop with the smoke screens already.. It's over anyways. Their leader got the boot. Funny enough only person left from all this was Nos and he also resigned. .Go figure.. Everyone else got demoted or resigned. It's not rocket science. MULTIPLE PEOPLE said the same thing I did in this thread. Only difference is I honestly don't give a single fuck about what others think of me so I'm the only one with the balls to post about it. Yes they might have "been active" but the only reason they were even looked at was because they were referred by Python and anyone else in that toxic clan. So much that even @Panda had to step in and stop it becauce he wasn't noticing the patterns. So again, why the need to have people actually apply. But regardless this is a dead issue and I'm sure it won't happen again. Just wanted to give another 2 cents on the matter since Python got his clan to make this thread look likes it about me not being picked instead about him influencing promotions.
  3. So as @Krisasked for someone to point out things in a more proper manner I figured I might as well come through this means of communication. Now before we dive into this, this is strictly my opinion combined with the comments of seen/heard from other members of the community including some current staff members who I will not mention by name to avoid conflict. Development: Right now, being in the QA team I can see how everything is being structured as in what dev works on what. Right now it seems to be functioning fine. I can honestly say that development is not a part of the issue with Zenyte right now. Everyone in the development team should be proud of the work they've brought forth not to mention being the first rsps to successfully bring out a mobile android version. Kudos to you guys. Administration: Here's where we see the first of a couple problems. Right of the bat a couple staff members are very immature and not up to par with the standards set by the development team. Now most of these staff members are not in the administration. The reason i'm pointing it on them is because you guys are the ones who appointed these staff members. How did this happen? Weak screening/application process. When you have one member in the mid administration bringing in "friends" from his clan and recruiting them to the staff. Things are bound to blow up. Now at the time of this post of these "friends" are no longer staff members after being either demoted or resigned. None the less the amount of disrespect received from them and the poor work on the administration end to justify it quickly rather then just let it play out left a bad taste for a lot of people. Moving forward when a staff member is selected, it shouldn't be because he was X rank on X server. That should be irrelevant. It should be determined on what he or she has done in THIS COMMUNITY. If you were to select members that are loyal and active within Zenyte, they'd appreciate the rank more than someone who was "brought in" from somewhere else and hasn't had any sort of interaction with the community. Community Manager Although technically this rank does belong in the Administration category, i'm separating it because the following only applies to this rank. Right now there is NO COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT between the CM and the community. The CM should be the leas-ion between the community members and the administration. Right now it's just "Send a discord pm and wait for a response." That's not really ideal honestly. The second part which is also tied to the community engagement part is this: People are complaining because they are BORED. There should be weekend events every week. With the occasional random event occurring through the week days at random. This doesn't mean "Enable 2xp for the weekend." No. Do community events. Go mass corping. Do SOMETHING with the community. If you want to keep people entertained while the development team works on content, this is where you should be paying attention. Moderators Right now I feel like the moderators don't really have alot of communication with the administration and or the CM. A good example is what was seen the other day when two staff members were arguing over the punishment of a rule breaker which was clearly stated in the guidelines. The difference is that one staff member was made aware of the change while the other wasn't. This actually isn't even the first time something like this happens when not even the moderators are kept in the loop of rules changes or what the rules even say. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now this isn't a bash on anybody on the team and in no way am I implying to demote anyone. I believe everyone on the current staff team is doing fine, it's just small areas to improve on that help the community stay happy and enjoyable for everyone.
  4. Same of these were waaaay overdue. Congratz to the new promotions and good residence to those no longer on the team.
  5. This already get covered in the newsletter.
  6. He probably forgot to protect item Rip Nice vid
  7. If you're going to make emblem upgrading "RNG-based".(Which btw I feel like it's a horrible way of "fixing" what you guys created). We should atleast be given the "RNG" rates.
  8. Don't agree with some of these, toxic community members being promoted is rather odd. None the less congratz to this promoted.
  9. Pixels

    A Few Changes

    Congratz @Erza sorry to hear about this @Panda.
  10. Welcome to Zenyte. I remember you as Wreckage.
  11. Which is exactly why these "price guides" will never be official.
  12. Feels like you posted this just to be "first". A lot of these prices are missing and the ones that aren't seem off, some by a lot. I also haven't seen you around much as which makes me believe you don't really know prices of things right now.
  13. Congratulations to all those promoted!
  14. I think he means actual media.
  15. Forwarded this over to @Panda I can see it do-able. We'll see how it goes.
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