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  1. info: after suiciding at zulrah I accidentally bought another looting bag from vote store and deleted it since I had one saved at zulrah. I just checked my looting bag now and it was empty most recent looting bag screenshot i have (2020-05-16_17-46-02) Death 2020-05-16_18-03-59: tell me if i should provide more info idk what else to put cant think clearly atm still cant believe this happened since i triple check everything and screenshot everything before dying every time i have all the screens
  2. lmao that ending, fuckin KEKW good stuff dude nice editing
  3. J4

    The loss of a king

    Good luck with IRL adventures, thanks for all the work you have done on Zenyte
  4. J4

    Bank presets

    feels UIM man
  5. good things take time
  6. Thanks, works flawlessly, good stuff
  7. It's still possible to safespot venenatis in another corner of the agression zone. I don't have much time to play these days so I won't be able to find a spot that works but it's the same mechanic as before where it wanders outside of the zone and breaks targeting. It will always move away in a direction from you so manipulating your position will make it stuck same as before. I will test it out when I have time (also it's still 30 wildy up there so it's p much the same) Updated
  8. Yeah but it was taking too long, not worth all that crafting for 6m gp - gave it to someone who is a x5 free crafting xp for them lol I have bolts for days tho made all of them The best str bonus gear I had and a whip. It's just enough damage to rotate between Dark Beast and Ork with no downtime.
  9. Did this on my UIM Made a ton of enchanted Onyx, Dragonstone and Diamond bolts. Actually ended up dropping the hides because I'd need to tan all of them and then craft+alch, not worth the time. Will save up the ether and go get that weapon eventually
  10. Killed around 630 revenants per day. Loot: Onyx Bolt tips into Onyx bolts (e): 951 x 9,000 gp = 8,559,000 gp Dragonstone bolt tips: 5,956 x 400 gp = 2,382,400 gp Black Dragonhide (if made into bodies): 768 x 8,088 gp = 6,211,584 gp Revenant Ether: 111,667 x 150 gp = 16,750,050 gp Adamant bars (if made into Platebodies): (1,692/5) x 9,984 gp = 3,378,585 gp Runite bars (if made into Platelegs): (-100 for onyx bolts) -> (1,354/3) x 38,400 gp = 17,318,400 gp Dragonstones (if made into dragonstone bracelets): 187 x 11,475 hp = 2,145,825 gp edit: Manta ray (2577 x 500 gp) = 1,288,500 gp Mahogany planks (3392 x 900 gp) = 3,052,800 gp Death runes (5800 x 345 gp) = 2m gp (didn't pick up ~1k deaths at the start so I added them here ----------------------------------------------------------- 63m in loot + 51,5m in gp (from statues and alchs) = ~114,5m gp total. Got around 60 Magic seeds. Super restores: No idea how many - I had a bunch before and I decanted all of the newly dropped ones to (3) so they stacked in my looting bag.
  11. This was recorded on the beta server used for QA testing. Everything is the same as the live game, it was easier to record since venenatis and chaos elemental were busy.
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