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  1. I get what your trying to say for sure... At same time your mentioning "someone else", id hate to be the guy to say this, but a lot of issues like this get resolved by themselves if everyone just minds their own business.. not taking sides at all, just seems like your worried about someone else bit too much.. Anyways I get your concern brother, hopefully you get some feedback in which will help you understand better that staff's side of it.
  2. On the 5x grind I see :D. Ill be stopping in weekly to check in on ya, make sure you update us! Goodluck on the grind!
  3. Hey Antiques! Welcome to Zenyte! If you love OSRS you will get hooked on here as I have haha. If you need anything ingame don't hesitate to ask!
  4. should also make it a good money maker for any type of accounts.. making wildy more active aswell. +1
  5. GL on your 100m goal bro! Keep Us Posted!
  6. 1. Tell us about yourself - Names Hunter im 27 from Baltimore, MD. My hobbys are Zenyte, Crypto-Trading, 07 Market Trading/ Name Selling etc. 2. What is your Zenyte in game name? - Que [only account I main atm] 3. What are your favorite activities to do in-game? - When im not at the amethyst mines on the rebuild, I enjoy NH Pking Deep Wild, PVMing, and slowly working on maxing my account.
  7. QUE

    Zenyte Progress #5

    Bruh this mans series is really enjoyable.. Keep it up bro forreal.. I look forward to seeing next episode !
  8. Hey Zenyters! The names Hunter aka Que. Been playing RS since 2003 and RSPS since 2013 (Yes ive been a runescaper most of my life). Played a lot of different servers in the past to get a feel for what I want in a "Private Server" and what ive learned after trying osrs copycats, to Pre-EOC replicas, to Custom Servers with Machineguns, is that I enjoy the OSRS feel [exactly what Zenyte has to offer]. So here I am, and I don't plan on going anywhere! Gonna be a long grind, but ive done it before on many servers! Just need to polish my Zenyte specific information more down to a Tee because there's a lot of items and ways to get to certain locations that im not used to on a rsps (most have a teleport to just about everything lol). Anyway, enough ranting about my past, lets talk about the future! After meeting a decent bit of the community here so far, ive noticed that there is ALOT of nice and helpful people here who are all grinders [meaning most not looking for a handout] which I love! Keeps me motivated for my own grind and achieve our goals together! Cant wait to see what Zenyte has in store for me, but I can say im excited! See ya guys ingame! -Que
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