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    Any of these meats can be used for sinew. (Unsure bout rabbit actually) Most people (including me) never pick up bird meat. Wish I had this whole time New players always asking for ways to get cash. Most people suggest spinning flax. Well this way they will make cash, or learn a great (although time consuming) method. 23k per rcb sold to home range shop. Theres like 8 steps altogether if u do it all urself And made my first 60m in 3 days this way. (50x/25x) now while u need 92 for runite limbs. You only need 69 fletch to put them together.
  2. Otoris


    Buying all raw bird ( from hunter and birdhouses) raw chicken / beef / wolf / bear / rat (brine rat drops noted rat meats) PM in game if I dont have offer on ge or leave a message here +PM in game if I dont have offer on ge or leave a message here can also sell to roflstomper
  3. Men and woman(not only at home) are best to go for rogue gear because of your fail rate dropping as you level up, the rate for rogue is 1/200 pickpockets same for all pickpocketing Gj on all the guides I've watched
  4. While zenyte has made many many more things easier for us. Which has made rs enjoyable again for me. I think anyone could agree ththay it doesnt make you feel like you should either quit playing so you dont live here, or bot so you are able to spend you gaming time to do content you actually enjoy doing without spending a year or more doing the boring shit your basically required to do first. Zenyte offers a money making guide. And I think the other options ( which were not osrs prices) On there, are a few items that will be able to more than fill the void that's left in your pocket because of nerf. I agree that players should have ahead a warning. Any staff that had amethyst prolly dumped theirs while they could. but any of us who either had cash invested all got bent over. I bent myself over when I asked myself why amethyst was so cheap and went on a buying a spree. But amethyst was bout half price. I'll lose have my stack rather than doubling it if I still craft it. Umm alching jav heads with spells shouldn't have been touched. Imo the time for crafting them. And alching would be more than fair for the gp we can make off of it. Noone will alch 400k alchs. That will feel like runescape. Make them unable to be sold to general stores. Simple. Only amethyst obviously and its crafted item. But if I wanted to alch my 20k jav heads with runes instead of shop That would not be bringing near the amount of coin into game so quickly. And considering that runes would either cost time or money. It would cut profit there by 2-300 gp(nat cost) so ur 915 per jav head becomes 6 -700 gp profit per head. Theres 25% drop. More like 50-60% drop with the extra time you will spend doing so. I found.out about nerf after selling off some stuff buying amethyst and had 5k jav heads crafted 5k amethyst banked. Bout all amethyst at 3k or lower found out about the nerf at the wildy shop. Now I have all barrows gear and a few bigger ticket items( who's prices are dropping every day). I've been here for a fraction of the time I played osrs and am way farther than I was there. And have more stats / gear so I cant complain other tha. Me not having any clue bout nerf and thinking I was scoring with the 2-3k price tag on amethyst this morning. only did amethyst to 99 and lived off that cash and never really did them for profit. But the thing is I'm at the point where I either have to go ironman my way to gear which hasn't been. Huge problem for the drops I have gotten. So I will get them eventually there are items that me along with anyone else at this (wealth) lvl who's banks might say 200m worth. But they arnt. I had mine say 130m worth looking through it had maybe 40m worth of stuff that would sell on zenyte. Staff has made money of amethyst yea? Enough so that they are able to grab up huge ammounts of the 60m ticket items. Or others. Only the people who are able to do this now control the economy. Plain. And simple osrs fally park/market , rare item days in osrs here we come.. anyone who didnt have at least enough cash to have armadyl Bandos godsword, they own us. the only way for a player to get there quickly. Is raid and get tbow. Or gamble. I like how staff plays and enjoys the game. And maybe if there were a few thousand players it wouldnt matter. Looking at this amethyst gp fiasco now I see a reason why someone Bought up all these big ticket items and are holding them which originally got me pretty worked up because I didnt believe staff should be able to control market like that. While it did prevent people who made ridiculous ammounts of gold with amethyst from doing it to me. Here's a method for anyone who wants a new one. Varrock diaries. For 120 battlestaffs a day. 7k ea thieves for fire orbs or buy from ge 300 -400 gp ea. All battlestaffs alch at 9300. Or sell to karamja (with at leave lvl 1 diary gloves)/ bandit camp shop for same price. 120 per day. Dont feel the urge to bot. For most people that 276k profit per day isnt worth it. Another method. rune crossbows. Even when u buy the bars which are always for sale and will jump right to the edge of this 23k store price we can get rarely can you find yew stocks on ge. And extremely rarely find sinew or crossbow strings. If you can get bars at 13k ea, yew logs att 200 ea you have to go kill for the raw meat to make sinew for cbow strings. So. If u 100% skilled this item you would have to 1) kill cows bears rats chickens. 2) cook to sinew 3) spin to cbow string (30% faster spinning in seers village with mandarin diary) theres 3 skills being trained for the first item. You better count this as 1 day as it will feel annoying doing all this skilling with your time. But you will make plenty in the long run. Next, yew stock simple as any fletching methods only 2 steps and pretty quick. And for runite limbs. If you do all Skilling this would probably be the most time consuming. Especially once everyone else starts mining rune and coal also. 1)mine 1 rune ore 8 coal(3 bars per full backpack) 2) smelly to bars(superheated is it best bet unless going home with 3 bars seems like the better ide 3) Smith to runite limbs (decently afkable if your up cleaning ur house or whatever) Last step after spending however many days it takes u to get ur 3 item stacks. Of runite limbs. Yew stocks, and crossbow strings. (By now your probably wanting to freak out.) Go do something else for a day before finishing ur cash. It's cool the price wont fluctuate until we get to much from this method and it gets nerfed leaving the people poor(especially the new ones) while everyone who was already rich get richer. Because they had amethyst access when the server was under 200 players. Now when ur rdy to skill again make these rune crossbows. 14 at a Time. 2 bank clicks per 14. limbs/stocks. Crossbow(u)/ strings. Until you get them finished. Now last step. But don't forget the details. Shop at home wont buy them in notes. But they will take all these rune. Crossbows off your hands 23k a piece (1.2m=28 rune cbows.) Theres slayer also. Probably what's left for any sort of decent gp gains. And the items that drop for you doing slayer will crash soon enough. Or you wont be able to find the affordably. I mean other than that u can do magic shorts. Sell to shop at home (unnoted) for about the same as magic long alch price. Which is probably the only method that doesnt Make me wann play Russian Roulette. So I conclude(Best option for zenyte server is ironman) you are already one in every way except the chat crown. Especially once people start hording smaller ticket items instead of big tickets items like others have been doing. Wait that's already happening now to. So ya everyone should seriously be ironman. Then you wont fell the urge to be Mad. And you'll spend your time wanting items you can afford or ones not being sold because they are in someone's Big bank stack of items. They dont want you to have anyway. So at least If ur iron it just takes stress off your shoulders. (And gives you back days of your life now that ur Skilling like your in osrs anyway.)
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