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  1. Username:Hold My Brew Discord Tag: AriesTheGemini#3531 Timezone?: Arizona time (we dont have daylights savings so its different depending on time of year.) Tell us a bit about yourself?: Hi, my name is Aries and I'm named after the car my parents conceived me in. Don't let that fool you the Dodge Aries looks like shit lmao. Favorite activity?: Making/listening to music How active are you in-game and forums?: I started in mid october and have 8 days played. i got to 1900 total level in about 5-6 days of playing as a iron and just lost interest in osrs in general for a while. everyone needs a break sometimes. If you were referred by someone, who was it?: itzcnote100
  2. The incidents with the admin where in late October and I do have footage of the initial incident which I will contact life on how to send it to them. Thanks everyone for your feedback instead of just removing my post altogether. Much appreciated.
  3. Ever since I started here at zenyte I have witnessed numerous incidents where a staff member has completely gone off the wall muting people for "flame" that for one had no profanity and two was his first time ever expressing his anger over yell. It might sound weird for me to say it that way but that's exactly what it was he didn't swear or tell someone to kill themselves either he simply started up some banter which even real osrs allows these days. If you check any other top 5 server you will notice that they have community friendly environments where people can express themselves in reasonable way. some even allow full on flame telling you there is a ignore list for a reason. Don't try and tell me this isn't a problem I've spoken to many players who believe they where targeted either because of something their clan members did or simply because the staff member is mad or doesn't like you. I have had incidents with an admin I will not name who I tried to report someone actually breaking the rules too and he said he was to busy and cba telling me to make a post on forums. I told him that's absurd and he should do his job and make sure the "rules" are enforced. over those next few days he pmed me numerous times flame bating me wanting a reason to mute me. This is a scenario many players have had and it's not okay, with this problem and the lack of key osrs content the only thing keeping zenyte from drowning is mobile and once a competitor figures out however you were able to do it I'm afraid you will not be able to catch up with the ego's of your staff and lack of content holding you down. Clans are made to have competition and with competition comes banter. I am not saying let everyone call each other the n word and various other flame. I am saying allow them to be able to express themselves over ::yell which is a function these players PAID REAL MONEY to be able to use. How you can make something like that so strict is unknown to me. Zenyte at it's core is great. Everything that is coded is coded to be exactly like osrs and I'm excited to see what the content you plan to add will look and play like but I'm afraid me and alot of other players are going to be less encouraged to stick around given the problems I brought forward in this post.
  4. 1. Tell us about yourself - My irl name is aries, im 21 years old. i enjoy watching basketball my favorite team is the rockets. 2. What is your Zenyte in game name? - hold my brew 3. What are your favorite activities to do in-game? - pvm/bossing is my favorite pass time but i like to mix it up with wildy bossing to add some extra fun. and im super excited to have a team to do these things with.
  5. Awesome job on editing and above all developing, one of the greatest rsps I've seen in my 10 years of playing them. Super excited to see it in game.
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