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  1. Great leader nor not need to apply. Leaders are elected by the people for the people.
  2. Please support 'K N C' in becoming a Zenyte Moderator again. K N C previously was a staff member and did a very good job balancing his in-game role and being a down to earth player. Visit the petition below.
  3. Prayer - Don't support, glass cannon pures will have an even greater advantage and a fight can end even sooner than normal. Lunar Spellbook - Support, support but do not allow veng. Could you imagine a pure using veng while using piety in the wild? Black Mask/Slayer Helmet - Support Hardleather Shield - Support, though would prefer to see studded unchanged. XP Lock - Support.
  4. 1. Tell us about yourself - (your name, hobbies outside of game, goals you are working towards both in game and irl): Hello all, my name is Dil aka guru/cyclone in game. My main hobby is catfishing in real life, 200M xp in real life fishing to be exact! My main account that I play on is a 10 HP defense pure, I am slowly working towards 99 but it may take some time. 2. What is your Zenyte in game name? - (Please list all alts you actively play on as well) Guru and Cyclone 3. What are your favorite activities to do in-game? - (PvM, Revs, Pking, Skilling, etc. This will help you find members with similar in-game interests as you) I enjoy everything that has to do with skilling. I unfortunately am unable to PVM/PK due to my main account build.
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