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  1. +1 from me! Love the idea, definitely would make it more enticing to vote everyday, which overall helps the server!
  2. GUESS MY DEATH Description: I've created a HCIM (DEAD GURL) that will probably die. Guess how I will die and receive a nice reward. Reward: $50 Bond Rules: 1 guess per player (First come first serve) If you're guessing a boss (Vorkath, Zulrah, Cerb, etc) select a KC (Closest KC will win) Must be a Ironman to be eligible to win (Gotta support the Ironman Community) If I get PKED (I will choose a random number) IF NO ONE IS CORRECT: Your post will become a number (#1, #2, etc) I will choose a random number from the thread and you will win! GOOD LUCK!
  3. In-Game Usernane: Gurl Medals: Discord Nitro Booster, Donator, Man's Best Friend, Maxed Proof for your Medals:
  4. Really enjoyed the read and looking forward to more!
  5. Thanks L! Recently just maxed haha!
  6. Hey Yall! Just wanted to introduce myself again because I've been playing on a new account for the past 2 months and some might not recognize me! Also the community has grown and I've seen many many new faces around. Made an ironman account named "Gurl" (Ignore the name it was for a joke) so if you see me say hi! I joined the server back around early June and just wanted to say that I've never had more fun on a server than this one. A few things about me Name: Khoa Age: 21 I'm a viet dude that loves playing games. If I don't respond to you on zenyte/discord, i'm probably fishing and playing league of legends. I'm a full time student in college so when I'm not grinding and skilling, im probably studying! I hope to see more of yall in game and have a good chat!
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