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  1. #22 inhave night shifts until xmas eve morning. Stressing abit becouse have alot to do. So cant sleep much.
  2. #15 forgot how hard is to find good gifts for everyone
  3. #10 Having days off to work and relaxing with family.
  4. #9 I feel the same way, but not this year. Sold my car this week and can afford gifts everyone will remember. Last year i got alot of gifts and i gave gifts only to my childrens. Been rought year and havent been much home. Own company+ day job . Feel bad every single day becouse missing so much time with kids and family. Gifts doesnt change that fact but maybe they understand how sorry i am. To my gf i buy LV handbag and Chanel earrings that she been talking like 6 years now. Next year we have been 10 years together and my gf been asking why we arent married yet. So i buy wedding ring too(i know exacly what kind of ring she wants). Already booked church to that day when 10years come full. But.. What you guys think. Should i propose at cristmas day, or is that too much. That was my original plan but now i think some other day would be better.
  5. Agree that. Watching home alone every xmas. Im 25 and still watch snowman too. Now with my kids
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