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  1. I'll get this jump started My thought process is quite simple on this Jagex has already given us quite a decent template for an events shop with the leagues shop, and the league rewards that being said adding some of those rewards would be really cool for example Trailblazer tool (or) kits (dragon variant) (infernal variant) Twisted relic hunter ( Possible in-game perk of skipping a clue step when worn or When worn clues grant 1-3 sherlock notes on completion ) Shattered relics variety ornament kit (1 Kit required per item recolor) (Void knight (or) kit) (Would give a breath of fresh air to the pest control events) (elite)(regular) (helms) (mystic (or) kit ) Shattered cannon ornament kit
  2. In my defense I've been out chasing women In my wheelchair , they don't seem to like it very much will update when. I get home lol
  3. As a member of the zenyte community I spent the last few months enjoying my 25x uim, enjoy the grinds and all the fun, learning and modifying methods of training, all for this purpose, this goal, to reach, the end game goal for this account is, a 60 def, 10hp ranged/magic 5x uim pure. Completed in progress not started Goal Combat skills Attack 1/60 Defense 31/60 ranged 1/99 magic 1/99 Obtain 40 defense via lamps from bob (lunar spells requirement) Skilling goals, obtain a skilling pet 1/9 Obtain full pyromancer : completed obtain Full prospector : not started Obtain full graceful : not started Obtain 50 vote points : 18/50 (seedbox unlocked) Obtain a dragon axe from the wintertodt: 52 kc/on going Obtain 5 skilling 99s 1/5 Update Day for ingame :
  4. Hello guys, my names xander, i've been a member of the server since the launch, But never really had a image on the forums, that's going to change big time, some things about me, I'm a 42 year old crippled father of five, I currently live with my eldest son, and am going through a divorce, things have been rough, but zenyte has been a great escape for me, filled with quite the amazing community of people. I've been working On my ultimate ironman for quite a while, and have quite the goal set , stay tuned too my posts for some future progress to my goal of 2772 virtual total level (max experience) on 25x. Hope to see you guys on the future thread. - uim/xander
  5. As a person whos played all forms of runescape, i've come to the ideas of what i truly enjoy in the game, and along the way i've meat quite a few people who feel the same way, I've had an idea building up in my head for quite some time now, and i've bounced it off a few people to get some feedback, and they and myself feel its worth bringing to the forums in the form of a thread. For me skilling has always been the main point of runescape for me, I've had my pking phases, pvm, but I've always remained around the general play style of a skiller, So keeping that in mind i know alot of people who get enjoyment out of skilling and slayer alike, so i purpose the fallowing suggestion to rework the way daily assignments are done/rewarded for. suggestion 1: Way of the artisan, this update to the daily assignment system would have a new npc located at home known as the artisan, he will have three options, "trade" (see section 3/trade for details), "check points" , "get assignment" getting an assignment from the artisan will give you three teir options, easy, medium, hard. these tasks will be consist of a skilling activity for example , an medium task, "chop and burn 150 mahogany planks within the land of zeah" section A: tasks tasks will be assigned after an interface selection is made on the teir list, Easy medium hard, easy tasks will range from skill requirement level 1-55. a medium assignment will have a skill requirement from 55-78, a hard assignment will have the skill requirement from 78-99. an example of a few assignments easy: chop and burn 50 oak logs within varrock walls/pick and spin 75 flax into bow strings within seers village. medium task: chop and burn 150 mahogany logs within the land of zeah. hard task: create 25 super combat potions from scratch in the mythical guild section b: location aspect. the location aspect to each task, breathes life into activity's and area's you would not normally do , as it does with konar slayer, using the popularity of the konar slayer and the love for skilling the zenyte community has displayed over and over, i figure it fits the suggestion. section c : rewards : i sat up for a while trying to think of what rewards would fit, and what could we add into this shop, some of the ideas I've come up with. lumber jack angler farmer alternative method for seedbox alternative method to magic secs alternative method too family crest gauntlets small xp lamps (this is extremely up for debate) The ability to unlock a lecture at home (to create tele tabs) Section: d Points and streaks, points will be awarded for each task you complete 3 for easy 5 for med 7 for hard, 25 for 10 streak, 50 for 100 streak. (streaks repeat) Points will be used to buy rewards from the artisan. - feel free to post any feedback and suggestions all forms of criticism are accepted- uim
  6. or just not play a 25x game mode >.>
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